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netKar PRO online servers list

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by lvlo, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. Hello there! After two month of testing netKar PRO Online Servers looks like ready to be presented to nKP community.
    So, what it is?

    netKar PRO Online Servers is a web page where you can browse and connect to online multiplayers servers for netKar PRO simulation. In additional you may find links to leagues homepages, track download links, best times for particular track/car and setups. Last two options are related to netKar PRO Rank project by Jaap Wagenvoort.

    To prevent high network traffic at servers list updates once in two minutes.
    • In order to direct connect from webpage to server, please use Jump2nkp utility (hover mouse cursor above server's row and you will see "Join" button at the right side).
    • Leagues links you will find in "Server" cell for particular server - just hover your cursor above it and if there any information about league - you will see the link to its homepage. For track download links and best times - hover the cursor above "Track" cell. And for setups - hover your mouse above the "Car" cell.
    • Servers with nKPRank support have orange icon at the right side. Plus if there any information about online drivers at nKPRank page you will notice that number of drivers has dotted underline and if you hover your cursor above it - you will see a tooltip with drivers names.
    • You can sort servers by any column. To do multicolumn sorting - keep pressed "Shift" key while clicking at the table header. To filter the table, please use "Search" field (see tips below). And you can choose how much servers you want to see at the page.
    Filter tips (write phrases without quotes):
    • to filter table by country, track, car or session simply write its name in "Search" field
    • to hide empty servers type "empty:hide" in search field
    • to see only empty servers type "empty:show"
    • to hide unranked servers type "rank:show"
    • to see only unranked servers type "rank:hide"
    For better user expirience there is a better option to switch between table pages: if the page doesn't have scrollbar - just hover the cursor above the table (or table header for Internet Explorer users) and scroll mouse wheel to switch between table pages.
    Link: netKar PRO Online Servers


    Good luck and sorry for my tricky English :)

    Special thanks to Radiators Spring Racing for hosting and support.
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  2. Great stuff, the in game server list is incredibly slow and on Jaap's rank page we never got all servers. Thanks a lot I'll certainly use this.
  3. Thanks! :)

    The reason for 15 servers per page by default is that Chrome and IE9 users can pin site to desktop/taskbar/start menu and use it as usual windows application.
  4. Ye I noticed the slider to change the number of servers per page, thats why I tried to sneakily edit my post. :D

    One thing, is it possible to get the ping of the servers too? That would be quite handy.

    edit: While I'm already at it, Drivers currently racing on the server would be nice too and to go one step further maybe even a friends list so you get notified when your friends are online.
  5. I can't put ping value there because it will be completly wrong and here is an explanation why : http://forum.radiators-champ.com/t1020p30-netkar-pro-server-list-on-the-web#28792

    There is servers countries column as a "workaround" for missing ping :)
    Edit: nKP servers don't give information about drivers except their total number, only nKPRank does and you can see them if hover your cursor above the number of drivers (it must be underlined - in this case there is such info from nKPRank).
    What about futher development: at this stage social things like friend list and other stuff are impossible, because for in this case I need to chahge the core of program which generates the web page.
    To be honest I was thinking about all those features, plus service for generation custom join buttons for using at leagues sites, but since I'm not a professional programer it may take a long time.
    Will see how it will go and any ideas are more then welcome :)
  6. Nice work, very useful for the netkar community. Thread stuck :good:
  7. Thank you. I'm glad you've found it usefull :)
    Some times you may see the label "Information is outdated" due hosting problems, but I'm working to make it more stable.
  8. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    What are the hosting problems if i may ask?

    Other question: why is our server listed with a dutch flag?
  9. The core of this page is usual .Net application and currently it runs at Radiators Springs Racing gaming server (it hosts nKP servers too). The server itself is very good, but sometimes it goes down for no reason. Plus when there are leagues races, the program must be shut down to prevent affecting on racing.
    The fix of this problem is rewrite the application for ASP.net and place it at dedicated virtual server (cheaper way) - I'm currently learning this thingy, but as I said, since I'm not a professinal programer it takes long time. Anyway programing is very interesting thing :)
    Do you mean "Racedepartment" nKP server? For me it has Netherlands flag. Try Ctrl+F5 to avoid browser cache.
    The program itself uses offline IP database and it says that there are 95% right results. So, there may be some issues.
    Edit: Ooops - dutch flag and Netherlands one are the same. Sorry :rolleyes:
    According this page the server is really placed in that country: http://whatismyipaddress.com/ip/
  10. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    I like the fact that you can see all even if you dont have that track.... take note SimBin (unknown) NetKar is making you look old.. and if you click on the track it gives you a download link......
  11. Hey guys [​IMG]

    There is new version of nKPservers was deployed today.

    As usual please press Control+F5 keys to avoid incorrect page appearence.

    • new tooltips for online drivers. You can click on driver names to see their statistics at nKPro Rank;
    • if you click on number of online drivers at the bottom of the table, this will hide the empty servers;
    • there is the new link "Reset filter", which will appear at the right side of the input field if you do some filtering;
    • track download links now leads you to download pages instead of forum threads;
    • added some technical information at the end of the Help page.
    There was a problem with Opera browser - it didn't show the driver names in tooltips, so please let me know if this issue will appear for you.

    Good luck [​IMG]

  12. Opera here. I'm not getting driver names for servers without the rank tool enabled. It just says 'no information'. From the screenshot, it looks you get the info for a non-ranked server.

    Works fine with rank servers.
  13. It only works for ranked servers, Senad.

    For any other servers you will awlays see "No information", because nKP itself doesn't provide such information.

    The tootip on screenshot was for "radiators-champ.com" server, which has nKPro Rank support (you can notice the small arrow at the right side of the tooltip which points it to RSR server).

    The problem with Opera was that you see only "Drivers in the past 15 mins:", but not the drivers names (for ranked servers of cause).
  14. Ah, missed the small arrow. Saw 7 names, and saw the first non-ranked server with 7 people, and thought that was it :redface:

    Then I can confirm that it works fine :D
  15. Thank you for the report :)

    Ooops, I didn't notice that small coincidence with seven people.

    nKPRank is very slow on updating the current server status, so it's not a surprice that there may be mismatch between nKPservers and nKPro Rank information. Unfortunatly I can do nothing with it.
  16. my compliments Ivlo, a very nice work !!
    I'll put your link on the site I admin

    thank you
  17. Thank you! I'm glad you've found this project usefull :)
  18. Hi guys!

    The new version of nKPservers was deployed today.

    - new tooltips for ranked and unranked servers
    - added tooltip with joining links for unanswered servers
    - non-standart cars are allowed now

    I strongly recommend you to update Jump2nkp, because there is added check for the car (If you will join to server without needed car nKPro will crash).

    Have a nice day [​IMG]
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  19. Hi Ivlo!

    When i run a server it doesnt show up in the website list ... people can join through Jump2nkp and it show up in the NetKar Pro Rank list but in not your list.

    Must i config something specific for that?
    The server name is "500 Abarth Server"