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Netkar pro engine sounds

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Jaireh Pahalla, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. i personally think that netkar engine sounds are kinda lacking, compared to the sounds of formula cars in rfactor. the sounds of cars in rfactor (not all though) had the "rush" of a real engine. you can even feel the "vibration" of the engine through the sounds alone. but with the netkar pro the engine sounds feels kinda canny, it's like something's lacking. it doesn't have enough transmission sounds too, i would like it to be more noisy, it's a race car after all. and also the engine sounds should be more noisy to :D the engines just sounded too clean. (i hope I had thought of a better word than 'noisy' haha)

    if you have tried the AE86 mod in rFactor, it had, by far the best engine sounds in all the rfactor mods i have tried. it sounded really good, plus the transmission noise adds to the whole adrenalin. i hoped netkar was like this too. IMO it's only the thing lacking from netkar pro for it be perfect for me. the skid sounds are great though :) do you know any sound mods for netkar pro? i saw someone in youtube with sound mods, but the dl link was already dead. also i stumbled upon this netkar pro sound crossfade, but also, having been posted in 2007, the DL link were already dead. it would be great if Kunos released a new soundpack for all the cars.

    just my 2cents.
  2. For me the Ks2 sounds great, don't need any changes. Better than most rFactor formulas.
  3. I second that too!
  4. NetKar has great sounds, something similar to what you would hear with your helmet on. Well I can only compare to my gokart experience, but it's definitely something like this.
  5. oohh, this seems to explain it.. why haven't i thought of this? haha.. i always thought the engine sounds were lacking, but if you think of it, in reality (where you wear a helmet) some engine sound is dissolved after all. haha.. maybe i was just used to the sound of the AE86 mod in rFactor (my local simracing group uses the sound files for the Ford fiesta mod, which we used to run in our league.

    vid of the ford fiesta
  6. Creating new sounds for nK PRO is very simple. Check what we have done with our sound mod.
    We discovered, inspired from ferrari virtual academy, that there is the possibility in nk also to create internal and external sounds (so far all nk cars uses only internal sounds). It's just a matter of putting the right samples and the right values in the engineINT.nke and engine.nke

    Good luck.
  7. i'v also tried making new sounds for netkar using the sounds of open wheel mods from rfactor, but i can't seem to get the right timing (can't tune it well) maybe if i had more time i could do it well..
  8. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    I must agree with Andrea, the sound mod gives a much better overall realistic GROWL to the KS2, especially in video replay.

    Give it a go, but DON'T FORGET TO BACKUP Ya SOUND file 1ST, just in case ya dont like what ya hear, but I doubt it :wink:
  9. i already had the sound mod for the KS2 :) i tried to create a sound pack for the F1600 back then, basing from onboard videos from youtube then choosing the sound files from rf mods then try to mix and match in netkar pro.. but the result wasn't so good hehe..