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Netkar Pro Crashing When Loading Track

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Patrini, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I have been running Netkar Pro for a few weeks now and having some great racing, anyway my drive crashed due to a virus and I have had to setup a spare drive I have available.

    So the spare drive boots up okay but has no sound and when I run Netkar it crashes when it gets to loading the track files, appears to load all the texture files okay then comes up with an MS error.

    I have so far tried:
    • Uninstalling all dot.net frameworks files and reinstalling 3.5 – seems a lot of people with Netkar have problems with this.
    • Uninstalling Netkar including deleting all files.
    • Tried several different versions of Video card drivers
    • I am running latest patch from Netkar site
    I do wonder if it could be linked in some way to XP Professional which I am now running, I was running XP Home before with no problems, bit do not have gd XP Home install to try.

    So I am wondering if anybody has had similar experience and can offer any tips/suggestions ???

    Thks for any help.

    Chrs, PAt
  2. Maybe you should, like you said, try reinstalling XP Home version to see if that works.

    I know there's still a lot of people running Netkar on XP so it should work.

    EDIT Sorry I misunderstood your post. You don't have a version of XP Home to retry? Is that right?
  3. Hi thks for reply, yes unfortunately my original XP Home disc is no longer any use.

    Chrs, Pat
  4. I'm running netkar with XP SP3 without problems

  5. Thks for the replies.

    I spent some time last night messing around with different sound drivers and the way in which they were installed. I have now managed to get the sound working and Netkar seems much happier now it has sound, as it no longer crashes.

    So it seems my problems with Netkar were because of the sound issues.

    Chrs, Pat