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Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Bjorn de Haas, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. Once again i had severe problems when i was within a few inches from another car.
    I hoped they would have fixed it by now but no.

    You guys having problems?;)
  2. After the green light I'm going into the rear of the car ahead... But I believe that problem wasn't caused by lag....
    But in the first turn I see a car that change position in an instant, and I went against that car....
    After that episode I don't see any problem with lag......
  3. Hadn't noticed any major issues
  4. Bjorn, I was behind you at the start and you did not move on the green. I had my car pointing to the right and went to go around as you got away. I did see you go bouncing off another car ahead of me...I thought it was just startline contact.
  5. No lag's for me, sometimes is not perfect when you are near other car, but no major problems, GTR2 is very horst for me.
  6. Yeah it was strange for me i could not race another car or the car would pull me over as a magnet.
    When i hit a yellow car?? i was like 1 mtr behind him and still hit him lol
  7. Don’t know if something is wrong with the net code, but a fact is that I see a lot of contacts at the start in almost every race I do. I'm very newbie at Netkar don't know if it as been always like that. Maybe the KS2 being more fast don't help.
  8. CAR


    Netcode has always been crap (unfortunately), but the KS2's causing a lot of start crashes, mainly because people aren't used to the speed yet :)
  9. true but im sure i was 1 meter behind a car and suddenly we hit very strange and i hear it from more people
  10. net code isn't perfect and each time a driver join the track the FPS decrease of a step probably because the PC system in more busy by the huge data from server
    I did some tests on DRIVINGITALIA server (always up and password free) and with 2 drivers my average FPS was 130 than at full grid it fallen at 60FPS !!
    on my system (medium - low performance) what if found useful is to reduce graphic detail inside the game, in fact with high detail at full grid the average FPS is about 20 :mad:
    hope this helps :)
  11. cheers Alex, well its something to start with
  12. I always use vsync so I have a stable 60fps. there is nothing worse than a choppy fps range no matter how high your max frames.
    That lag/stutter when cars join the server is the worst thing about netkar and doesn't look to be getting fixed.
  13. Here is a video made tonight after a race at Barcelona where I and other driver were very close, but we didn't touch and his car go out in a way like it seems I hit him.

  14. geez Sérgio, you clobbered that guy good and proper ;) That was a bit uncalled for :p

    (just kidding, same thing has happened to me more than a few times. hopefully the netcode gets some smoothing out at some stage. I'm sure it will)
  15. Sergio that was what happended me twice already in a week time.
  16. I'm in this forum to find solution to this exact problem. i'm just using the demo license and race with my buddy, and those kind of contact happens alot. we are just using 1600. we both LFS player and we can race door to door racing. but this is a let down, it is a real shame. i mean the physic is really great, and i think it is time to move on from lfs, but this netcode is making me cold about netkar.
  17. I’m only using NetKar Pro since 3 weeks ago and I don’t see much people playing it online, most of times only 2-3 servers with more than 5 people on it.

    That seems to show that no so many people bought the game and if that is true, kunos sales should be low and with that their resources to development NetKar also should be low.

    I guess, if we want more improvements and these issues solved, we must bring more people to NetKAr, who buy it, because it would be a big shame to lose this great sim.
  18. exactly. i'm just thingking, RD should make a demo racing club for netkar sim. i know, i know... its cheap to buy netkar, but i'm a man that like to wait and see. i still have a feeling that it will go down, which i would really hate if it happens. it would be ashame to a good sim like this.
  19. today i experienced also this problem in a race.

    It looks that you dont hit someone, just like the movie. But i think we do hit the other car. Problem i think is that the body's of the car ain''t right.

    i remember from the past when cars entered a race during the race they appeared as a box. And this box should be the real measurements of all cars.

    its just something to think about.

    So close racing is still difficult.
  20. This explains a lot now why there's been so much contact. I got rear-ended at start-up in every single race I've been in on the public servers. And other races I flew off track with someone following from behind.....and here I was thinking everyone had it in for me lol! haha

    This is a serious issue though that if not fixed will make it hard to have serious races. Hope Kunos will save the day before the rain comes!