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Mods NERVE Enhanced FFB for Dirt Rally 0.45 2.2

Codemasters updated FFB tweaked for increased feedback and realism

  1. TemplarGFX submitted a new resource:

    Nerve Enhanced FFB for Dirt Rally 0.45 - Codemasters updated FFB tweaked for better realism

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  2. Posted this at AC forums, but figured I'll throw this in here and see if the author has similar experiences?

    Ok, so a little review.
    Since I only have T500, I can't say anything about other wheels as such, so milage may vary depending on your equipment.
    At first, it feels good and natural, and biggest differences would be the lowered backround noice and suspention effects in the wheel. The extra range in suspention effects is nice, but I think they are too muted and easily drowns under the other effects.
    After trying more stages, it became quite clear that this FFB mod has a big flaw. It has lowered Self Aligning Torque, reason being that the effect is quite strong as default and is lacking linearity. The scale is dropped to almost half of what it is as default, and this requires you to turn it up more to have desirable effect, and even then in slow speeds the effect is non-existant resulting in the lack of feeling from the rear. It's ok with AWD, but it just doesn't work with rearwheeldrive vehicles at all. Especially in Monaco where you may lose the rear suddenly because of a ice/snow patch.

    I am quite conflicted about this mod and desided to stick with the original effectsetup_v2.xml by only making couple of adjustments.
    I added RPM effect and increased the FFBbasefriction to give little more weight to the wheel (I like to keep the Self Aligning Torque ~45%).
    I am keen in trying to figure out if the extra suspention effects can be implemented so that they serve a greater purpous, maybe by just enhancing them, but as it stands atm. this mod is very situational at best.

    Obviously one should try it them selves to findout if its for them or not, which is very easy to accomplish by using JSGME.exe
  3. Golanv, Thanks for the feedback. What areas would you see need improvement the most?
  4. I think that the suspension effects should be stronger, this way the weight shifts are more easily felt through the steering wheel, which ever since the 0.45 have been really nicely present in Dirt Rally.
    The low speed self aligning torque needs to fuction better, so you can feel the traction loss of the rear wheels immediately. In a real car, even on snow with low speeds, you can feel the traction loss at the rear instantly. Part of it is the "seat of your pants" feeling, but the steering wheel will automaticly react wanting to turn the front wheels in line with the direction of the moving mass.

    I think those two adjustments alone would bring this mod over the default FFB.
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  5. Thankyou a lot for this info. I don't drive myself so feedback is really great for me!
  6. Oh, and you can add RPM effects by adding these lines:
    under "steering wheel effects"
    <FFBRevs device="wheel" scale="0.07" thresholdLow="0.1" thresholdHigh="1.2" freqLow="2" freqHigh="20.0" scaleLow="0.2" scaleHigh="0.95" length="0.1" sample0="revEffect"/>
    under "steering wheel effect samples"
    <FFBSample name="revEffect" min="-1" max="1" wave="91"/>

    0.07 was strong enough for me with T500
  7. On my AccuForce this just feels very light when driving straight but when going into a bend or corner it suddenly becomes hard like a huge rubber band force, the smaller forces are lost. The original default 4.5 FFB feels much better and tunes in well on the AF, imho. Thanks for the opportunity to try something different though. cheers.
  8. William Wester

    William Wester
    Premium Member

    It was worth the try but too me this mod removes a lot of the feedback I got from the CodeMasters new FFB. I went back to the default.
  9. I am working on a new version with the feedback from this thread. It turns out I actually made a fundamental mistake in my assumption on two values which is why the feedback is too soft!
  10. Good to hear a v2 is in the making, I couldn't use new FFB 4.5 kept steering me off the road but yours made it drivable again but yeah it's lite in the middle and missing some effects but better as I can stay on the stage thank you and keep up the good work :thumbsup:
  11. William Wester

    William Wester
    Premium Member

    I actually thought the latest CodeMasters FFB "helped" me stay on the road, I have a better feel for weight transfer. I'm not fighting the wheel/feedback, it seems I can let the wheel provide the feedback and correct as I would expect. I seem to agree with the review by GamerMuscle:

    It could be a number of other variables that contribute to the differences in opinions - personal preferences, wheel, and wheel settings etc.
    I'm using a Thrustmaster TX (450 deg in control panel) and all wheel and FFB settings in game at defaults.
  12. Yeah it's crazy when loads of people were saying the original FFB was crap etc etc I had no problems other than it being lite in the centre, I guess I was one of the luck few at the start now I'm part of the unlucky few lol seems a lot of g27 users are in the same boat I guess I gota hope they fix it if not it's totally playable with Templars mod
  13. TemplarGFX updated Nerve Enhanced FFB for Dirt Rally 0.45 with a new update entry:

    NERVE v2 Rebalanced Force Feedback

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  14. This tweak kicks ass. (V2, didn't try V1)

    There, I said it.

    I'm running 70 on all ingame settings bar lock and collision (cranked em up because why not) on my CSWv2. Easily the happiest I've been with the FFB, the update was a minor improvement, this is very noticeable improvement over that to my fingertips.

    Relevant wheel settings-
    100 SHO
    003 DRI
    060 FOR
    000 SPR
    030 DPR

    You could alternatively just lower the frictions in game and use 100 DPR, but I find it's easier to just do it on the wheel.
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  15. Will try, thanks for the effort. One thing though. Wheel friction is actually a static force, related only to actual steering wheel weight, and dampens everything in order to add more "heft" across the range, nothing to do with surface. Even CM describe it as a static force in the FFB update. Therefore, might want to get rid of that unless you want more dampening.
  16. When sliding, your countersteer forces were not backwards before the update?
  17. That is right. And its been rebalanced to feel more like steering rack resistance (well it does to me)

    You can of course turn it off yourself if you want, but your wheel will probably feel way too light at high speed
  18. It's a balancing act imo. Especially with lower end wheels, friction and all. On wheels like the G25/27 it's the usual FFB deadzone conundrum which can only be remedied by something like what rF2 did with minimum torque to overcome friction, but still maintaining the rest of the forces below clipping range. And, unfortunately, lower end wheels tend to suffer when a force is acting on the motors like that throughout the range. Personally I've learned to live without it in order to enjoy higher fidelity effects across the board. During my rounds of endless tweaking to get the FFB to feel right, I realized that wheel friction stopped the aligning torque in its tracks sometimes, simply because of the clipping/work load/friction. Anyhow, I'm looking forward to trying this later on, thanks again.
  19. I am no expert so please throw feedback my way!
  20. TeSL9

    Pessimistic (rarely flying) Finn :) Premium Member

    I don't know but it's very hard to drive fast now. I guess it's good. :geek: