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Misc NeffO´s F1 2014/13 Effects Mod 1.1

this effects makes a beauty of F1 2014 Game

  1. NeffO76 submitted a new resource:

    NeffO´s F1 2014\13 Effects Mod better as reality 1.0.7z - this effects makes a beauty of F1 2014 Game

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  2. What <snip> gaves me one star. What for a fool is it. <snip>. Are you the same, that gaves other modders a crappy rating. You must banned of this nice modding community you fool

    mod edited for language
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  3. This is not fair you cowards. 2 bad ratings and no reason why. Give me a reason talk to me why and it is ok. <snip>

    Mod edit - stop the swearing please
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  4. nice mod but i found one issue, light reflection in safety car
  5. Oh I have hoped, the reflection is now lower. I think I change it to the vanilla reflection.

    But thank you for your comment.
  6. NeffO76 updated NeffO´s F1 2014\13 Effects Mod better as reality 1.0.7z with a new update entry:

    fixed safety car reflections

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  7. Thanks for your mod! It looks great but i have an issue with track textures. On some tracks they don't work properly. In Malaysia it looks like: https://abload.de/img/f1_20142016-06-1614-4nroq5.jpg and it's flickering all the time. My graphic settings are on max.

    I edited some car skins but nothing on the tracks so i don't know why it doesn't work. Thanks for your help!
  8. the problem is tracklodsettings
    i use one with this valor
    <SURFACELOD loddistance="80" blend="10" />
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2016
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  9. Have you used my tracklodsettings? On my rig all is fine with my higher settings.
  10. yes i used but with
    the same problem that the MISTER X
  11. use the default settings or settings from dmitri sorokins mod. I found a reason.
  12. i use only the KRSSSKOS mod and your effects
  13. You can change the tracklodsettings to 500 and 130 look this is working for you. With higher settings the usage of videoram is really high. The textures are crisper too with this settings but the normalmaps coming more out with my ultra high settings.
  14. I will change this in an upcoming version for lower rigs, bbut I´m to tired to do it now. I have worked three days around the clock in my holiday on two big projects. F1 2014 and my action roleplaying project of risen 3 Enhanced Edition and do the same support to two german forums for my other project. I need a break.
  15. ok i will tried this settings. take your time my friend
  16. but soon as possible. You must not wait to long ;)
  17. pls dude can fix the SEPANG map its not funny!!!!!!
  18. edit the tracklodsettings.xml in tracks folder. loddistance="500" blend="130"
  19. is this working 100% in f1 13 game ?! did you tested ?!