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Need Testing

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Antony Snook, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. The problem with Formula one is that there is a strict ban on testing. Forcing teams to use simulators that do not always give the impression of the cars performance on track.
    I know it was the small teams that could not afford to go testing that launched the ban. Maybe cars should be cheaper. You could do like a DTP and have a team develop a generic chassis where you could install a range of engines. Then you don't have to do the wind tunnel thing. Maybe develop add on parts for teams to use if they wish. Or have them develop there own.

    It will save Money and teams could use there development cash to go testing. But we need permanent tracks. You can not test in the off season at street circuits.
  2. Another cool thing would be to use wights like it Touring cars. Taller drivers are heaver so they get a raw deal on performance. So you set a max wight for the tallest driver in car. And make the others carry extra weight to match the weight of the tallest. Maybe put extra weight in if they get pole or win. You could ad weight for advances to Q2 or Q3