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Need some useful tips to beat GT all stars in professional series

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Merkieman, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. Hey people, I've played this game for weeks and weeks now, I think im on level 21 or something similar.
    I have done most of the races in professional apart from the historic racing cars one and the GT all stars.
    So lets see what fast/powerful cars I have - Bugatti Veyron which I have to say has horrible steering and breaking which will put me at a disadvatage on that race event, but other than that great acceleration and top speed. Nissan Pennizimol, very nice GT car but still not as powerful as the le mans prototypes, A nascar and hmm thats pretty much it, but I have over 1 million credits, what should I do with those credits to get a car bought/ready so it can actually win GT all stars without failing, It's gonna need to be damn good if im up against prototypes with 700-900+ HP
    I'd appreciate some tips :)
  2. Play the 'like the wind' event on expert with a Corvette ZR-1 Race modded (and then install all engine upgrades). Then you will win a Minolta 88-CV, which will make meat of the GT All Stars!
  3. TY man, it definately sounds possible, lmao! I'm looking forward to doing this, I hope I can afford it with my 1 million credits, and omg I can't wait for this Minolta 88-CV, complete and utter destruction :p.

    This game is very fun to play, I recommend to all, Le mans prototypes hide in used car dealerships quite a lot 0_0
  4. I did the All stars using my Race modded ZR-1 Corvette, the AI drive really slow so it is quite easy to beat them, only at Tokyo route 246 will you have troubles, where the AI seem to be fast and the limitations of your car will be tested, i think its doable but unlikely you will win that event, the others though without an issue.

    However if you go down the Minolta Toyota 88C-V route, you will leave them in the dust on everytrack by a long way, i used the ZR-1 for the challenge, which to be honest wasnt much of a challenge after all.

    For reference.

    Corvette ZR-1 - Change the oil and then apply the racing modification and upgrade all parts, should leave you with around 850bhp, then be sure to set the downforce levels in the tuning page to the maximum for front and rear. This car is one of the treasures of the game, it is amazing.
  5. gonna do it now! will reply back if I win it and the car
  6. another point for you guys if you've been playing your B-Spec mode, if you have him up to lvl 21 and can do the like the wind series there you will win a Toyota 7 race car 1970 model, had to use the Minolta for him to win it though the ZR1 RM just wasn't his style though the useless SOB, lol... Anyway so you can then go back and do your historic race car series with that.. its how i did it, sitting here reading through forums not playing means my b spec guys are racing no time wasted lol