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Need some help.

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Gary Miller, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. Gary Miller

    Gary Miller

    Ok guys, so I took part in the clio finale, yet was disconnected twice from Xbox live both 1 lap into first race and 2 laps into second.

    It is now happening constantly when online in forza using my csr wheel.

    As soon as I race, it sometimes happens, sometimes doesn't.

    I will explain at best what happens.

    Racing along as normal, then screen freezes, either it restarts again, with me losing about two hundred feet on other drivers, like I have paused myself in the game, or it completely kicks me off, Xbox live included.
    If it only freezes and I manage to come back racing I have no force feedback in my wheel???? Strange.

    I have tried resetting router etc, doesn't seem to make a difference.

    Can anyone shed any light on this, I'm pulling my hair out now, it happened today on a 50 lap race with my mates on the 48th lap. I wasn't a very happy bunny!
  2. Wayne Thomas

    Wayne Thomas

    Hi Gary,

    I'm not too techy but the usual things to do are carry out a broadband speed test and also make sure your router has NAT set to OPEN. As this checks you have a decent enough down/upload speed and are able to communicate with other devices. Connection to host needs to be good and vice versa.

    Also, if it's wireless is anything interfering with the signal? I've gone wired to my router, much more reliable.

    Regarding NAT, I have on many occasions double checked my router that it's set to OPEN but periodically it shows as MODERATE on the Xbox. I check on the Xbox by loading Gears of War or MW3/2 as the multiplayer menus shows the NAT status. I have no idea why the Xbox should be different......... Then if this shows a problem you are probably in the realms of port forwarding .......... Beyond me. :)

    All that said occasionally Xbox live does just drop you! **** happens ..... I am still not a fan of these long races for the same reason. 45 mins in and BOOM! GAME OVER in a bad way. Hope this little helps. Apologies if you already knew all this.:)
  3. Gary Miller

    Gary Miller

    I had some idea about the nat settings, checked them and they seem to be fine.

    The wireless network doesnt seem to have anything in the way, and is only 2 meters away tops.

    Im wondering why it is just forza, i play other games online and they seem to be fine mw3 etc, it seems to be only when i use my csr wheel there is a problem. Im not too techy, i just downloaded an update to firmware not too long ago, and i had a few issues with xbox live update but i thought this has settled down.

    Any of you fanatec guys out there help? Maybe i need to download new firmware again etc im not sure.

    My brain is getting frazzled by this.
  4. Karl Raper

    Karl Raper

    Just try hard wire the Xbox 1st I'm sure that will sort it out mate