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Need some help to improve lap times (performance eval)

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Greg Latty, May 27, 2015.

  1. Not sure if this is the right place to ask, But I want some opinions on ways to take 2 seconds off my lap times at Watkins Glen GP in the Audi LMS.. Im not good with setting up cars at all but im willing to learn. Currently im running consistent 1:46's and I know for sure there is room for improvement. As far as setup goes The only thing ive messed with is the front toe is +0.2 deg and i think I might have bumped up the final drive a notch for slightly shorter gears. Any criticism is greatly appreciated. Heres a video of my best lap so far. I know for sure that im losing time in the last 4 turns.

  2. Si


    Never driven the car or the track, but from my point of view it all looked decent until penultimate corner! held the gear to long before it, then on last bend far to slow and didn't use all the track.

    Hope that helps!:thumbsup:
  3. Of course that helps. Thanks for the input. Ill take any advice I can get. Im somewhat new to sim racing (little over a year and a half) so i still have lots to learn. Using more of the track seems to my my biggest issue.
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  4. Marc


    Watched the Vid and had a quick view a cars Setup... haven`t driven a lap to be honest!

    Overall i think your corner exits are not that good. YOU? set front toe to +0.2? Default is -0.1 if i`m right. That`s never a good starting point, especially if you`re new to setting up a car. Toe should normally be slightly positiv at the rear for better traction and negativ or max. neutral at the front for most RWD cars!
    I guess you did it cause the car doesn`t turn in as much as you like it to do, am i right? If so, set brakebias more to the rear (btw you can also increase brake pressure to ~100), decrease differential cost (35, then 30 and so on) or soften front roll bars click by click, all that will make the car more oversteering on corner entry. A Racecar should be slightly oversteering on corner entry, neutral midcorner, and controlable (by throttle) slightly oversteering on exits for most drivers...

    hope you understand what i`m talking about as this isn`t my native language
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  5. Lazarou


    Hi Greg, interesting combo to drive, never driven the Glen much in any sim but really enjoyable. I can only reiterate what Marc says above and I find it the same with GT3 cars especially in PCars is that they need they're back end loosing up ;). Usually the diff is way too tight so you cant use the throttle to steer mid corner, they use a safe way to setup the car but ultimately not very quick. I also raised the ride height a touch and lowered my gear ratio's a notch and obviously adjusted the diff and that was about it. After a few laps got down to a 1.44:88 but 1.43 should be doable. Be interested to see what some the aliens around here can do. Here is my lap anyway.

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  6. Hey thanks for your input Marc. I will try your suggestions tonight when i get home from work. And yes the car feels too understeery ehich is why i was playing with the front toe.
    Thank you for the vid Laz. That actually helps a lot. I actually fell in love with watkins glen after dping a few laps in here. Gt3 cars feel right at home. This track is actually not too far from me. Maybe 50-60 miles from me. Thanks alot for the tips
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  7. Hey guys thanks for all the tips. So far Ive gotten my time down to 145.717 and that was with a few mistakes. Im confident I can get that down some more. I need to work on my lines. But I did move up to 8th on the leaderboards.