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Need some advice on wheels

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Ryan Vickery, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. About 2-3 months ago i bought my first ever FFB Wheel, a Logitech G27, with the intention of getting into PC sim racing, and i got hooked in deep, sadly however it recently stopped calibrating and i had to send it back. The company has now told me that they will not be getting anymore in stock and have refunded me my money instead of replacing the wheel.

    It seems that if i want another G27 in a similar price range i am going to have to wait weeks, so it got me thinking, is it worth me perhaps trying out a fanatec wheel? I really loved the G27 but i have worries that the same issue is going to crop up after a few months of usage and i may be in the same situation again.

    I payed £233 for the G27, which is a little cheaper than a Fanatec, but if it makes the difference then i would pay the extra money for a wheel that will last.

    Any advice or views would be greatly welcome.

  2. Hi Ryan

    If I'm honest, I dont like to recomend wheels in this way, but I will give you some info so you can make an educated decision :)

    Logitech G27: You know its a great wheel to use already, so I wont go into this. As for reliability, Logitech have a good record and great customer care.

    Fanatec GT3RSv2: I presume you are talking about the clubsport version? The clubsport pedals are AMAZING! TRUST ME! The wheel is also very good, its FFB is different in feeling becuase of the belt drive, but imo its slightly better than the G27 (this is ONLY my PERSONAL opinion though). The quality and finish of the wheel is excellent also and I like the Alacantra leather and the slightly larger wheel. I know for a fact that Fanatec take customer care very seriously and are working to make thiers the best, so I think this is not a problem. Its not perfect and has a few small niggles, the shifter padles are not as nice as the G27, they are still fine though and no false shifts etc. No gated 'H' shifter included. Lastly the top two wheel buttons are very easy to accidentaly hit with your thumbs, but as there are so many (12 compared to the 6 of the G27), its not really an issue.

    It's a difficult decision, the Fanatecs Clubsport pedals are superb and easily make up for the lack of a Shifter (Plus Fanatec are working on a metal clubsport shifter too) so its really a case of personal taste :)
  3. i managed to accidently press thouse buttons a couple of times, worst was switching of my ingnition in a GTL race. but you will soon learn not to press them, and isen`t it 14 buttons on the wheels (counting the D pad as 4)
  4. Where are the buttons on the GT3 RS? i was quite curious about that, i assumed it didnt have any because i couldnt see any from first view. The only downside about the wheel for me is the lack of a shifter as standard, and i'm not sure how i would manage to mount the optional shifter, the clamp on the G27 stick worked well. I like the idea of the FFB on the fanatec though, the no deadzone and smooth belt, though i've not tried it, the G27 was quite clunky and noisy with its mechanical FFB.

    It looks like for the most part the G27 or clubsport edition GT3 RS V2 would cost around the same price, as there does not seem to be anywhere selling the G27 for the same price that i got mine, and most places have none in stock.

    It seems that which ever way i go, i have to wait a month or so before i can get a new wheel. I must say its really hard to adjust, i was spending a fair bit of spare time with sim racing, and since the wheel broke i have been stuck, knowing i have to go another month isnt a fun prospect, ahh well, crack on i suppose.
  5. Errrrr, Oppps, Brain fade lol, your quite right thanks Nigel (must be all the Marmite, made him spot that!) LOL!