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Need Large diesel sound

Discussion in 'Racer' started by ZATRACERDUDE, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. im working on a vehicle with a diesel engine and i need a middle sound loop of the engine nice and rattly in the middle of its rpm range preferably i need a large V8 or large inline 6 diesel like youd find in a large pickup truck
  2. There is the Land Rover diesel with quite a diesely sound you can probably use that
  3. which one
  4. I searched youtube for Cummins sounds for my 94 Ram, and I haven't found anything but a good idle sample. I guess I'll have to search for Powerstroke too!
  5. Hay guys

    There's a vehicle sim called Rigs'of'Rods - this is not a 'plug' for the sim, rather just a quick mention about the soudn packs avaialble for the game. There's a few Cummins sound packs with good quality idle, mid, and high RPM sound recordings. Some of them are specifically for HGV / trucks, however some are for pickups such as Dodge Rams and so on.

    Here's a link to the sound-set files on the repository http://www.rigsofrods.com/repository/RepoFiles/viewTag/132
  6. i love RoR