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Need instructions on making car lights with Zmod

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by aadilf1, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. I need instructions on making car lights/brakelights but they don't show up in game. Can someone tell me how from a full model of a car I can get brakelights from it. Also how do I put it into racer?
  2. You need to export them as separate .dofs and name the objects in the car.ini:
    model_light_l, model_light_r: on when lights are on (model should include front and back lights)
    model_braking_l, model_braking_r: on when brakes are on.
    These all go in the body section, same syntax as the 'model' section.
  3. I did that but they don't show up. I selected an area of the car for the backlights then I detached that area (I only gave the lights the textures but the rest of the car didn't have textures selected in material editor) Then I exported it like you had stated. Still doesn't show up. Also I don't know what you mean by 'syntax'
  4. Syntax is the words used in the car.ini file. You also need to have a shader for the lights and you may have to move the rear lights back a small amount as they may be hidden under the car body. The front lights may have to be moved a bit forward as well.

    Look at a car with lights a see how it is done in the car.ini and car.shd files.
  5. Ok. But I already tried what you have said, like shaders/moving the lights but still they don't actually show up.
  6. Look at another car's car.ini and car.shd to see how they did it.
  7. Can you view the light DOFs in Modeler.exe? Maybe a normals problem.
    Can you see the geometry in racer with view wireframe turned on?
    Anything in the qlog ?
  8. Sorry for not replying on time, Basically I got it all fixed up :) because the lights were still facing 180 degrees the other way so I couldn't see it from the back so they were invisible. So when I actually got around to look at the front of the cars I saw the backlights there.

    This is for a car I am converting. I will post some teasing screenies of it soon.