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Need help with sli pro in GSC 2012?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by SOLO59, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. SOLO59

    Premium Member

    I am already aware that I am supposed to get support if needed from eksimracing.com regarding Sli Max Manager plugins. I have tried getting help from Zappadoc (eksimracing.com) earlier this year, but he couldn't help me with my fustrating issue.
    My issue: I cannot get GSC sli max manager plugin to work in GSC 2012. Heres what I did... and I Strongly believe that I have followed the steps correctly:
    1. downloaded rfactorslibride.dll from eksimracing.com
    2. I created a folder on my desktop so I can place the rfactorbridge.dll in there.
    3. In that same folder, I uncompressed the brigde.dll, and then copied the bridge.dll and read me file in the plugins folder from within the GSC2012 folder directory.
    4. I activated the GSC plugin in sli max manager plugins.

    I started the game, and nothing shows up on my sli pro. I just don't understand... My sli pro works perfectly with rfactor demo, netkar pro demo, race 07 and all the expensions that I own for it. Zappadoc kind of gave up with helping me and he told me "it just works!"... Clearly, it does not work for me. By far, one of the best racing sims out there, and I have stopped playing GSC2012 because I do not race without my sli pro. Anyone else having this issue? I can really REALLY use some assistance so I can enjoy this amazing game with my sli pro.

    I know it works. Worked for me a few months back, but only for about 30 minutes and that was it! I was teased dammit! Please help! Please

    Thank you in advance
  2. Noob question. I saw on their site that they have a GSC plugin for 2010 and then rFactor 1 and 2. Have you tried the rfactor1 plug in and GSC one to see if any of them might resolve the problem?
  3. Umm, i have the SLImax manager and a SLI-M , mine works fine.

    download the rFactorSLIBridge.dll place the file into your GSC/Plugins folder , download the GSC Plugin for SLImax manager & the thumbnail, place them in the correct locations (they are given to you in the readme file)

    right click on SliMax Manager, click on plugins>Manage Plugins then i Activated the GSC Plugin, rebooted my pc, and it works :)
  4. SOLO59

    Premium Member

    Thank you scott & tiens for your replies! As soon as I get home, I will give those a try and see what happends. I really hope it works this time...
  5. SOLO59

    Premium Member

    Thank you guys again. Unfortunetly, i still could not manage to get it working. So i think i shoukd give up and be patient for RRRE, Rfactor 2, assetto corsa...
  6. Just a thought. You copied the .dlll maybe register the dll from command line and try again?
  7. Really?? You're going to stop playing the best sim out there (IMO) because your SLI doesn't work :confused:
    I have used both SLI-M (with my Formula wheel) and SLI-Emu (with my Clio wheeel) in GSC without a problem (using the same method as Scott above) but I can have just as much fun without them...and infact I don't bother setting the SLI-Emu up very often now as most of the info I need is clearly available on screen ;)
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