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Need Help with rfdynhud Install into GCS2012.

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Chris Shepherd, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Please someone help. Leagues are soon coming. :)

    Prefferably someone who uses TeamViewer , who can check that I have all files in correct place etc, which im prtetty damn sure I do have. Never had trouble Install MOD's , Tracks etc Its simply placing a file into a destination folder. Hehe :)

    I feel this is not the problem tho. When I go to open the rfdynhud editor , I recieve this message. " Windows has encountered a problem and rfdynhud editor need to be shut down .... etc etc....! "

    This was the same message I recieved when trying to install into GSC2011. Which brings me to the conclusion that it is my machine and not anything else ?

    Thanks to whom shall help. :)
  2. Got it working in GSC 2010 but couldn't make use of it because it has referenced something related to rF and a message poping up everytime, I assume I forgot to configure it properly.

    If you have it working in rF without harm I doubt it is your system.
  3. No mate, never used it in rF. Always used veloceprod Motec but seeing as it does not work in GSC im buggered. Can race without it , its just more of a confort thing tbh. :)

    Im sure someone will offer some TeamViewer help before leagues start. :) ;)
  4. Have you got java 6 installed (32 bit) ?
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  5. Indeed I have mate.
  6. Congratulations!

    You have the recommended Java installed (Version 7 Update 5).
    Seems I have Java 7 installed. Is this ok still mate ?
  7. For rfdynhud to work, Java 6 32 bit must be installed. It must be 32 bit, even if you have a 64 bit system.
    Take my system as an example - I have Win 7, 64 bit, and had Java 7 but rfdynhud would not work until I installed Java 6 32 bit. As soon as I did, it worked immediately. Here it is explained on ctdp.net
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  8. yep JRE 6 Update 33 did it, managed to get it working now,
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  9. Really enjoying this now thanks to M1GHTY M4VS. The layout and widgets I have chosen to use from within the editor only works using Stock Car V8. When I chose either F1Modern, F1Classics or F3 my layout is not present. rFdnyhud switches to the default setting.

    Is there a file that maybe needs editing somewhere to allow for all cars to accept the editor Layout I choose.

    Thanks all for help, hopefully can get this sortred before league starts at weekend. :)
  10. I think you have to put them in their own sub-folder. So for instance you put your overlay_RACE file into a sub folder i.e Plugins\rfDynHUD\config\reiza4, and a different overlay_RACE into a reiza3 subfolder. Click on the readme file in the rfdynhud folder for a full explanation.
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  11. Thanks man , will give it a look later when home. :)
  12. chris please link with download and tutorial of this hud, thx
  13. Could you post the setup file for 6 if you still have it, cant find it on the java website:confused:
  14. not sure if Update 37 still works. I have update 33 currently installed there's 34 on the oracle web and that probably works still. Otherwise just check for google results regardin 33 this works for me anyway but if 37 works for you use this as it offers a few safety improvements. If you must go for 33 make sure you are running the latest version of Java 7 which is Update 9 at the moment in order to stay safe for the daily use.

    Be advises that you might get trouble on multiplayer with inconsistency or crashes on rfDynHUD sometimes.