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Need help with F1 cars

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Tasos Olympou, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. Hello, I am having some trouble with wheel sensitivity, how can I change it? is it the steer angle in the garage I have to play with?

    Basically I am having trouble getting a good angle out of slow corners and traction so the AI is overtaking me because I take them very slowly. I think it's just the setup though cause setting the aero to maximum helped, but I haven't touched any other setting(I am not familiar with them, only in F1 2013 :p)

    Which option is the car balance on the garage?
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  2. Exactly, it is the value that is on 14 degrees per default. I would put this value on 20-22 degrees, and your wheel on 540 degrees.
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  3. Thanks, I did put it at 22 and seems better. My problem now is that I spawn when on bumpy corners or exit for some corners. Any idea which is the balance of the car on the setup? Is there a guide for the setup anyway? I don't have trouble setting my car on F1 2013 but I am lost with this one.
  4. What do you mean "spawn"? Toe in, camber, wheel degrees (steering angle), front wing/rear wing angles; all can affect turn in. Also in your options section > Controls > Controller 3 > Sensitivity and dead zone adjustments can effect wheel sensitivity as can speed sensitivity adjustment. Default sensitivity is 50%, I run it at 67% (Axis X for me), dead zone 0%. If you are having problems with bumps on corner exit try reducing fast bump and rebound settings. When finding a good set up for the first time adjust only one thing at a time - that way you know what adjustment had what effect. I hope this helped. Oh... just cranking on degrees in real life increases tire wear I'm not sure about sims; 22 degrees sounds like a lot. I usually run between 12 and 15 depending on the course. Obviously Monaco requires much more steering angle than other courses.

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  5. I would leave the car settings as default for now, and just use less throttle out of the corners. Activating a bit of traction control may help. Those cars are not easy to drive.
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  6. Actually, those cars don't use T.C., assuming that they are supposed to represent 2013 F1 cars. I have to disagree to some extent Jan. You are correct in that you should get familiar with the car, any car, with default settings. It helps to gain an understanding of the cars handling characteristics. But, as this is a "sim", and a very good one at that(I hope), I try to simulate reality. And in reality you don't just crank on anything. For me, a full half of the fun of a good sim is developing a good car set up. Tasos, I will try to find some good set-up guides for you. If you go to any forum, you should be able to find a good set-up guide. I'm sure with the depth of knowledge here at Race Department forums you should be able to find something. One of the basic concepts behind set-up is a good understanding of weight transfer. I really hope that version 1.20 has a good rF style telemetry feature. Now that I am thinking of it there was some great general set-up material and telemetry guides written for F1C. Understanding that those materials were written for a different sim, they still contain great info and insight into the concepts of car set-up.

    I will see what I can find but definitely you should search as well. I hope that I have given you some good leads.
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  7. Bumping this thread since I have another question. On bumpy tracks, I always spin off easily, which part of the setup do I need to alter to prevent that?
  8. Soften suspension and/or raise ride height.
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  9. If you're talking about the Formula Extreme, they do oversteer easily, the easiest first step is to add 5 points rear wing on, and take off 5 points front wing. You should start to feel an improvement.
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