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Need help with controls

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Stenne, Jun 7, 2015.

  1. Stenne



    I'm quite new with rFactor and right now working on assigning buttons and controls. I'm at the moment only driving as single player so I also need to find out which controls I need and which I don't.

    Now I got stuck with some of the commands and would be grateful for any help to sort this out and get an explanation on what functions that are controlled with theese commands.

    The commands/functions I would need help for in Options-> Controls are:

    1. Driving -> Boost (3 commmands)
    2. Driving -> Power demand
    3. Devices -> Toggle HWPlugin
    4. Devices -> EXT (5 commands)
    5. Devices -> Custom Plugin (#1 - #12)

    Thankful for any help
  2. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    So a little help I hope.
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  3. Ninja'd :ninja: by David...

    Those functions you are asking for you don't really need them. (i don't use them)

    Some other functions (default key's) i use:

    - "ctrl-f" ==> shows you your frame rate in-game: is very useful when you are setting up you graphics
    ==> keep in mind: every time you change graphic settings, the first time you load a track will be longer. Because it needs to generate new shader files. the 2nd time you load the track will be a lot faster.

    - "ctrl-x": time acceleration: Put some AI on track and press "ctrl-x" everything will FFW and rubber build up and track grip will increase to normal level more rapidly. Very useful for 3rd party track that don't have a real-road preset.

    - the 1,2,3,4,5 key's ==> toggle you hud display's and virtual mirrors on/off

    Make sure all you driving aides are off ==> difficulty level options.
    Only use TC, ABS, and auto clutch.
    By default: steering help and other stuff is enabled. That gives a very weird feeling.

    Buttons i've assigned to my steering wheel
    - Brake Bais, front-rear.
    - pit speed limiter
    - LCD mode (toggles the little window on the right lower corner)
    - Pit request.
    - LCD up/down/increase/decrease ==> to change values in the pit request window (fuel, tires, etc)
    - Head light button
    - Horner. :D
    - Field of View increase/decrease
    - Seat adjustment up/down/forwards/backwards (is a little joystick on my Clubsports wheel)
    - Starter button
    - Rear flap key ==> is for DRS activation.

    Key's i use on my keyboard.
    - F8: ABS
    - F9: TC
    - F11 Auto clutch
    i've disabled all other driving aids key's because i can accidentally press them.
    - "R": FFB reset button. It happens sometimes that you don't have any FFB when you hit race.
    - "P" : Passenger key for a online driver swap.
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  4. Thanks @Gijs van Elderen! I didn't know you can change wing and tire pressures through LCD while on track? :)

    Also, would you know how to change Rearview Mirror's angle? There's a mod 'T5 Audi' where I don't see anything with the 3 rearview mirrors, though it's normal with other cars/mods. Thanks.
  5. Post nr 4: http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/mirror-quality.100854/#post-1933797

    If you have assigned the "seat adjustment" key's: use "shift", "ctrl" and "alt" as modifiers, you can control the left/right/up/down view in the mirrors and the in/out view of the mirrors.

    - Ctrl+Seat : Left Mirror Horiz
    - Ctrl+Alt+Seat : Center Mirror Horiz
    - Alt+Seat : Right Mirror Horiz

    - Shift+Seat : Mirror Adjustment Horriz
    - Shift+Ctrl+Seat : Rearview Width
    - Shift+Alt+Seat : Mirror Physical x,y,z
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  6. Stenne


    Thousands of thanks Gijs for all that information.
    It was a good advise to turn off buttons you don't use, which had'nt crossed my mind. I've had some mishaps hitting the wrong button. Also valuable to hear what you assign to the wheel and to the keyboard respectively. I've changed that back and forth when I realised during driving that I don't have time to look at the keyboard for some actions.

    I'm not really up to confidence yet to go on-line but I'm driving with all aids off, manual clutch (when realistic for the car model) and no ABS. I wonder however what aids are allowed on-line and if there are any mandatory (I've read something somewhere about TC and Launch Control at starts)

    Once again, thanks for helping us newbies.
  7. Mostly TC, ABS and auto-clutch. Some pedal sets don't have a clutch. And with the modern cars these day's, the clutch is only needed at the start or in the pit.

    Aids are never mandatory to use. TC, ABS or auto clutch can't be enforced by the server. Some server admins will ask you to use it for safety reasons in some situations like rain.
    Most servers allow what the real cars have. GT3 cars have TC,ABS. and i'm using them too. :whistling:

    Launche controle isn't a driving aid. Some cars have it like the ISI formula masters and the Seat Leon. For the FSR it's a requirement to use it at the start.

    :roflmao:, heard that one before. He eventually signed up and i saw that guy vanish in the distance. :p
    You'll never know until you do. :)
  8. Stenne


    Thanks again Gijs

    I'm not so familiar with GT cars (mostly been driving F1 cars on other sims) so it was interesting to hear that GT3 cars actually have TC and ABS. That might, at least partly, explain why I had such difficulty to set up the GT3 cars with no aids at all. I'll give it a new try with those aids enabled.

    Regarding going on line, you're absolutely right, one never knows until you've tried. But still I have to practice a lot more on longer races. I've only made five lap races so far. And I have to practice to drive fast and stay out of incidents. It's been quite a few race restarts right after the first corner so far. But I'll be out there some day.

    Thanks for your encouragement
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  9. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein
    TXL Racing Premium

    Just a tip in GT cars have a look at the front tire temps in the HUD. It can be easy to overdrive the front axle by turning to much in the corners when you come from F1 cars. Most sims dont punish overdriving the front tires, but rF2 does punish it a lot.
  10. Stenne


    Thanks for the tip. I'll look into that.
  11. Stenne


    Thanks David. It sure was a help.
    Sorry for late reply. I did'nt see the "Click to expand" info at the quote at first.
  12. Stenne


    Sure right! By changing my driving technique (and some minor setup changes) I cut my lap times with Nissan 370z at Portugal GP with several seconds.
    Actually lapped out the AI (90% strenght) with 5 sec. :)

    Thanks again
  13. St3fan


    Sorry to bump this old thread, but what exactly is EXT UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT/SELECT/CANCEL? are these related to optional external controller such as a Xbox controller plugged into the computer or a buttonbox?