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need help.. VIP pass not working

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Oscar Luebbert, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. i just bougth the game and i entered the code and is not valid WTF! anyone with a clue why is this happening.

    how can i get the VIP pass for free??

    i have tried to contact codemasters and sony but no replies for both sides... the same thing happened to me last year in F1 2010 and i had to go to the store and bribe the guy of the front desk to give me another code from different box.. ill do the same this year but they already said NO hahaha..(GameStop)

    I know i can get it from the ps3 store but seriously.. come on!!

    first of all WHY do i need a freaking pass to play on-line!?!?!?
  2. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    Needing a pass to play online is how developers/publishers are now making money from games that are bought second hand or rented.

    In the past they effectively lost or on a massive amount of sales due to one copy servicing so many people.

    The way around this is to only get paid once fir the single player portion of the game but use a separate online pass which is included only for the first purchaser in the initial price.
  3. ok i understand you completely.

    Now......WHY the heck...when i buy the new game (not second hand or rented) from the store. the pass is useless/not working at all.
    is just a piece of :poop: (this is the second time it happened)

    thats whats bothering me the most..
  4. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    The first 2 times i entered my code i entered it incorrectly. double check the text to make sure you are not mixing a letter with a number. That's what i did. I was entering G for the number 6. They look very similar in the print.
  5. Hatta


    Hi Oscar,

    Sorry about this. Our customer service team will definitely help you out with this (custservice@codemasters.com). Let me know how that goes! :)
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  6. LOL i was exited about that but.... No Gs on the code.
  7. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    :( - maybe it's something else. I think there should be a combination of letters and numbers for each set of 4 in the code. double check to see that none are all letters or all numbers.... maybe it's a "I" "1" thing?!?!?

    Hope you sort it out soon.
  8. thanks for the message... I dont know how long would this take..
    but i sent them an e-mail (to that adress) on october 24 and another one this past 30. but no answers yet.

    i guess is just matter of time to get a response.. i dont know.

    Hatta from Codemasters maybe you are not the person to ask this but ill take my chances..... by any chance can you send me a code to my email oscarluebbert@hotmail.com

    this is killing me big time.. no on-line racing = 50% of the fun ( :unsure: )
  9. there are just solid letters like N A F H D P and the numbers are solid too..

    is not confusing at all.. i guess ill have to wait till sony or codemasters help me out

    thanks for the help Karl
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  10. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Everyone could claim the code isn't working, so he can hardly send a new code to you without checking what's wrong with the old one. However, that's not his task but up to their customer support. Vicious circle, uh? :)
  11. i know what is going to happen.. i called the store (GameStop) and they told me that they broke the seal of the game to remove the disc and put it in a drawer, the box was on the racks of game boxes (open water) so some one copied it.

    I am pretty much screwed? I asked to the guy from the store

    answer: well if you want to put it in that way....... yes
  12. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    I'd do everything (well, not literally) to get a replacement. If needs be, call their HQ or whatever...threaten them with the press etc. - doesn't mean you really do it but well, sometimes it's working. ;)
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  13. some thing like this?? this is the e-mail i sent them (gamestop HQ) LOL
    GameStop Customer Service
    -----Original Message-----
    From: oscar luebbert (oscarluebbert@hotmail.com)
    Sent: Nov 1, 2012 2:21:57 PM
    Subject: I wish to leave a comment about a specific store

    recently i bougth a new game in one of youre stores (mission texas, shary road)

    this game is the formula1 2012

    to play this game on-line I need a VIP PASS thats IN the sealed box of the game..

    I dont know if its youre politic or procedure to open the sealed box of the game, remove the disc to put it in a drawer and then put the box in the racks of game boxes....

    that being said... what happens next is that when I purchased the ¨new¨ (full price) game I dont get the full bennefits of the product because someone (customer, employee,etc) could open the box from the rack and copy the CODE INSIDE THE UNSEALED BOX of the game that furthermore the store is going to give me when I pay for the game.

    then when i put the game in the ps3 console I will realize that the code is not valid and i cant play it in on line mode..

    i already tried to contact codemasters(manufacter of the game), sony, and you (the store that sell it to me)

    the thing is that now that i call the store and they told me they broke the seal I know the code has been copied (stolen) and when codemasters or sony ask me for the code they will say that the code has been used and I need to buy a new code to play the game on-line



    Just a tip: inform youreselves which games need or has a special code inside the sealed box and dont open it just to have more space in the drawer of the store

    I have the power up rewards and you can check the sell. or the trades i had been doing with you. well the last one I did should be on the program.

    power up rewards PRO 3876069757250

    i dont know if the buy of the game is there (should be) but there is that. just to confirm my argument and all this nonsense bull **** i have been trough

  14. Hi Oscar, I had a similar problem with 1 of the 2 passcodes included in Racedriver Grid - Reloaded - also bought brand new, sealed in the box with the plastic around it. the code for the Prestige Pack worked fine (the pack with the cars + Bathurst racetrack), but the code for the 8 Ball Pack didn't work at all. I entered it probably 10 times, checking each letter and number 1 by 1 so i know i entered the code correctly.

    I never followed it up with CM customer service because i wasn't that fussed about it , all i really wanted was the Bathurst track which i got .... but it seems that faulty online codes being included in the box with brand new games does in fact happen every now and then with Codemasters.
  15. ps. i just read in detail your post above - the Racedriver Grid Reloaded I bought was properly sealed with the cellophane cling film or whatever you want to call it around it, so it is highly unlikely that someone at the store i bought it from opened my game and used the passcode. Also, since 1 of the 2 passcodes did in fact work, if they had opened the game, copied the passcode, and then resealed the box, i would assume that they would've copied BOTH codes.

    So i would say it is more than likely a faulty code - at least in my case.
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