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Need for Speed HP2 to Racer?

Discussion in 'Racer' started by aadilf1, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. Is it possible,

    if so how?
  2. Can you be more specific? Do you want to convert cars? Tracks? What? :)
  3. Anything is possible, with lots of time and effort to do a good job.

    I have an old NFS HP2 911 Turbo in Racer right now. It's never been finished off properly but it's pretty nice. It was nice 5 years ago, but less nice now with the advent of bigger textures and more polygons on cars though :D

    I guess it's some kind of viv extractor then get the meshes, and zmodeller should do them, or it used to do. Either way, you can grab the meshes and the texture comes straight out of the viv iirc. Same with the tracks.

  4. Google is our friend. Check out this site. Might find some useful stuff.
  5. Try not to discuss this sort of conversion too openly ;)
  6. Oh, it would be so great to have some of the tracks from the older NFS series in Racer - Rocky Pass, Atlantica and other classics :p
    Don't care about cars, just need cool places to drive :p
  7. The NFS4 HP2 tracks are pretty nice, albeit a bit wide perhaps...

    NFS4 tracks however, are damn good, but they are so old now. They were genuinely narrow in some cases, and really fun to drive :D Same as NFS5 tracks... mmmm, Autobahn and Zone Industrielle!

    Scratch build is the way forward imo!

  8. I've converted a car from HP2 and had help from google and nfscars.net, the tools section to be more precise :D
  9. anyone who converts anything, by a 3rd party author, and has plans to release, please get permission from the author i cant stress this enough, i've been very fortunate to get permissions from authors to convert their mods into my own format..and soon to racer..so if anyone has any need of help to get permissions i can help, i'm good with that kind of thing...need help send me a pm., i'm m0re than happy to help with legal conversions - i realise this is asking how, to convert, but your first question should be, is how do i get permission..first...specially if you are going to release it for joe internet user

    hope this is ok to post this here...just saw this thread, ,and thought it would be ok to add my 2cents
  10. Hehe, most people these days convert cars from one game to another, and then people get permission from them to convert again, even though it wasn't even their model. TDU seems a perfect example of this. Almost every car is a conversion from somewhere else.

    Personally, I'd like to see the tracks brought over, or used as inspiration. The HP2 cars are built in such a way that they are not ideal for the new Racer system. Scratch building using a NFS Shift or Forza 3 model as a *base* is a much better idea for cars these days imo.

    You honestly can spot a conversion a million miles away.

  11. Indeed, the latest NFS car models are usually quite accurate, as some, if not most of them, are 3d scanned. So they are very good 3d blueprints for modeling your own car.
  12. all my stuff is converted from other formats, i always get permission first, because its my preferred method of delivery...
  13. I was interested in NFS car sounds. Some were pretty nice (I´m not saying realistic), especially in NFS Porsche and HP2 or latest versions :)
    Any idea how to get´em out?
  14. Yeah, the HP2 cars are preety poor to use in Racer, I just convert it for the fun to have a ZR1 :D
  15. Easy peasy I think.

    I can't remember, but there are some extract tools for NFS Shift which extract the whole install archive files to the bare files. Then the sounds are just imported as PCM 16bit mono at 40 odd khz iirc

    NFS 5 (Porsche), a bit harder, but I think they are just RIF headed inside an un-encrypted or compressed archive file that comes out of the VIV (use VIV tools), and then just extract using a hex editor, then import into say Goldwave... they are PCM mono 8bit I think at 22,100 khz or some such... hmmm

  16. i have an NFScars account
  17. Me too, I had a few car mods for NFS Porsche uploaded there from many many moons ago!

    911 996 Turbo modded as per an article on a tuned car back in an old copy of Purely Porsche magazine iirc. Also a few Ruf's (Ruf Driver) profile name and you had all the Ruf's that Porsche 2000 had models off to base them on right through to the ~ 2002 Ruf Turbo R 996! :D

    Those were the days hehe :D