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Need Dream Pack 1 only, not the sim.... why does steam package them ?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Paul Minnaar, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. Hi guys, I've searched high and low for this answer and I'm not getting it.

    I bought Dream Pack 2 this evening for around $7

    I want the DLC for DP1, but I only can find a package of the AC + DP1 at around $35 - why can I not just find the DP1....... ?

    How much did you guys pay and do you know if DP1 is available on its own ?

  2. kedy89


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  3. Thanks for your response, but you have just directed me to the same item I'm complaining about. I need my questions answered........ that link includes the game, which is expensive - I already own the game.
  4. kedy89


    Different region problem maybe, as this is what I see. First one is DP1 alone
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  5. Maybe you didn't spot the link to DP1 from the main AC store page. So here I included a screenshot, and you just need to click in that place from your Steam client:

  6. Paap Muru

    Paap Muru
    Sim racing is a way of life

    Use Steam client and go to AC page:
    ac_01.JPG ac_02.JPG
  7. ahhhhhhhh you see, I think you're right...... I must let them know something is wrong. I asked one of my local sim racing forums and they said is cost them less and that there must be a problem. I will post a screenshot as well, I do not see what you see. Thanks for letting me know.
  8. You see, I have bought DP2, just over South African Rand 100. The DP 1 seems very high judging by what I see in your screenshots. Thanks guys. upload_2015-12-2_16-28-59.png
  9. Yeah, that's a bit ridiculous - about 39 Euro for Dreampack 1, converted from our crippled currency. Clearly some pricing bugger-up somewhere.

    EDIT: Now I see it's actually all 3 together. Maybe request a price from them. Steam added Rand just a few weeks ago, and many things have been missing since, and only return once someone ask them about it.
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  10. There seems to be problems with more currencies: link for DP1 https://steamdb.info/app/347990/ So far only the DP1 seems to have a problem, in those countries.

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  11. Rado - thanks for this info - very informative, didn't know this app existed. Regards Paul
  12. @Paul Minnaar have you thought about looking at purchasing it from places like G2A? I see it's like $12 on there, and I think they have PayPal support.
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  13. Thanks bud, didn't know about G2A
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  14. Hi. Problem solved through buying it at G2A - thanks Ho3n3r. Busy downloading in Steam now.
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