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Need arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by Mike Bruce Smith, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. Mike Bruce Smith

    Mike Bruce Smith

    Looking for some assistance with setting up the T500Rs for Dirt Rally. As soon as I pass the 90 degree steer in either direction the wheel feels like it pushing against me.Its hard work compared to the free flowing steering I often see in several Dirt Rally videos.

    My profiler settings are as follows

    Would really appreciate some help PLEASE!!!!!!

  2. Otto Wilson

    Otto Wilson

    Probably miscalibrated wheel + soft lock turned on, can't really help too much though, only have a Logitech Momo here, but the soft lock really made things very hard too turn when i messed up the calibration, as i didn't needed it anyway, i just left it off
    Any T500 user may be of a greater help though :p
  3. Skazz


    Definitely doesn't sound right....

    I always leave the drivers on 900 degrees, forces 60/100/100/0/0 centering "by the game", so almost the same as your settings. Then in game make sure to choose the T500 preset from the menu, calibrate in the menu to make sure you get 900 degrees showing.

    Personally I have soft lock turned off and steering saturation at 60% for effectively 540 degrees rotation in all cars. Then I have self-aligning torque at 65%, the two friction settings a 0% (they don't do anything unless you have damping set in drivers) and all the other settings also at or around 65%. I find myself able to spin the wheel comfortably like this, and don't recognize your symptoms. But I've not tried full 900 degrees with the T500 so that's potentially the difference?