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Need advise on Tyre Strategy OOP or OPO

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by LazyBug, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. Google abit but cant find any satisfy answer so decide to ask here . I like to know whats the good & bad on OOP vs OPO 2 stop tyre strategy for 50% dry race . Am driving Lotus .

    Thanx for yours time & good day :)
  2. According to Track also you need to define your Strategy
  3. Have you read F1 2011 Advanced Drivers Guide by David O'Reilly?I think there are some tips about strategy.
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  4. At most of the tracks the best strategy for 50% is OPP. The main idea for is to have the better tyre when the car is heavy so if I can use 2 option sets I'll definitely go for OOP.
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  5. So you mean OOP is the best for 50% race if i have enough option ?? I thought so too but just cant understand why is tyre strategy do affect by track , how so ??

    Thanx for your time & Good day :D
  6. It's affected by track because some tracks have greater tyre wear than others. It's too hard to make OOP at Silverstone but it's easier at Canada.
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  7. Ic. Understood. I think its possible to use some less tyre wear setup to race in those high tyre wear track for OOP strategy to overcome the issue right ??
    Thanx for your time again.
  8. Sometimes it's just slower if you use oop.
  9. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    POO gets used a lot in our league races (75% distance)
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  10. But i playing Lotus in career with legend AI, i cant get into Q3 if i use prime . So i guess OOP is the best for me to hold them behind as long as possible and then lost only some grid after 2nd stop ..
  11. You can use options to get into Q3 and then qualify on primes in Q3.
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  12. I dont think my Lotus can get any better than 10th place using prime in Q3, someone actually advise i should skip Q3 just start 10th place in race since its still very easy to get to 1st place after some kamikaze passes in the first 2 turn vs legend AI :p . By the way i totally no idea about all this tyre or race regulation or strategy thing , i think i have to race more & try different approach to learn it myself.
    Thanx for your time & good day ~
  13. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    so, if you can't get into Q3 on prime that's not so bad. Start on fresh Primes from Q2 position and run low fuel mix, when your prime stint is done throw on the Options and turn up the mix. It's more fun catching up from the back and passing slower cars than it is defending all the time. :)
    no one likes to be stuck behind a defending driver forever... remember Schumacher and Hamilton at Monza a couple years ago?
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  14. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    I think it's important to use the O tyres at the very end, if you can create a strategy around that. Very light car & soft tyres make for some epic laps towards the end. :)
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  15. It may be more fun catching up from behind but I driving Lotus here so say if i start on 10th pos i still have to defend like hell from all the cars behind and the other 9 cars which is in front of me will be long gone after 1 lap. So i rather to do some restart to make sure i get 1st pos after 2 turns and start to defend from there using fuel map 1 before 1st stop and then fuel map 2 before 2nd stop using OOP strategy. In fact this do work i finish 4th place last night but wtf the game didnt let me to save !? (i do manual save) So i have to do it again later ~~

    Thanx for your time. Good day :cool:
  16. Yup i know that but its Lotus here, if i do OPO then i will lost many pos when i do my 2nd pit because those OOP strategy cars which do their 2nd stop on 16th lap already right behind me on 22th lap my 2nd stop since those legend AIs are like few seconds faster than me per lap no matter how fast i go or what tyre i use.

    Here is the formula that work for me at the moment ->
    1. get 1st place after start & defend using fuel 1 (option)
    2. fuel 3 for 1st 2 laps then fuel 2 to catch up those cars who pass me on my 1st pit stop. (option)
    3. random fuel map after 2nd stop depend on situation (attack or defend)

    I finish 4th place last night doing this but just the game fail to save, may be it good too so i can redo the same again to see if this strategy really work or just my luck .

    Thanx for your time. Good day :cool:
  17. If you play 100% races starting on primes is a bit tricky. Heavy car and green track is not the best combination for med/hard tyres. For now against real people the best strategy for 50% races is OPP and for 100% OOPO or OPOO.
  18. "For now against real people the best strategy for 50% races is OPP" ?? Serious ??

    Unless run out of option tyre or else it totally make no sense to me to use OPP in 50% race; Thats mean 3 laps + 13 laps + 13 laps right ??
  19. FE Silverstone - Qually on options and then 5-6 primes, 15-16 primes. You can do OPO but you'll lose so much time.
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  20. So sometime OPO can be much slower than OPP ?? Hard to imagine how so .. nvr play that circuit before anyway .. might have to find out myself why is that when i finally play that track :cool:
    Good day ~