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Need advice on which mods to have/installing

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Chris Crowder, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. Hey, I got Race07 and all of the bundles off of steam a few days ago. I've always played console racing games(Toca,Forza,Gran Turismo and Colin McRae) . Race07 is almost alien to me in a few ways.

    I'm naturally use to having all of the tracks/ cars I need to play the game out of the box. This does not seem to be the case here. Unless I'm missing something all together. When I check the RaceDepartment server it always says (unknown). So does this mean I'm missing some mods or a core game component? I have all of the expacs so far. If it is mods I'm missing. I need some pointers on which ones to have (the almost mandatory) ones to say.

    I'm also having some trouble installing mods. I did some searching on the forums and found a few post about similar problems but was unable to find a solution.

    Correct me if I'm wrong. This what I understand to be the process of installing a mod from what I have read so far: Download your mod. Extract to your Race07 Folder, to the folders GameData/UIData. Is there something else I'm missing? Is this right at all?

    Any tips, pointers would be appreciated. I'm enjoying this a lot so far and would like to see Race07 at it's full potential.
  2. For racing online install the mods Gamedata and UIData (if applicable) into the folder Program Files\Steam\steamapps\yourname\race 07.

    RD servers are generally always for the club races or leagues and any mods or addon tracks needed for each particular event are posted in the sign up thread in the Club Races section of the forum.

    Most races don't include any mods except for the S2000/WTCC races which often include the Vauxhall Vectra addon by True2Life racing (available in the download section)
  3. Thanks for the reply. This info should help.
  4. I think I got it now. It seems my GameData folder was missing a SubFolder.../GameData/Locations.

    After that folder was added I moved some other tracks I had downloaded to the Locations folder. These are now showing up and I have an additional AddOn Tab in game now.