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Need a boxed version of RACE On

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Tim Meuris, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. Ok,
    I'm gonna try not to sound like a spoiled little brat.

    I'm in DESPERATE need of a boxed version of RACE ON
    I've been running around like a frustrated dog :freaked-out:
    checkin several crappy stores for this game
    but NONE of these idiotic shops 're selling it
    while having like need for speed **** copies by the dozen.
    Tomorrow I'm checking game mania but after that,
    I'm out of options.
    Does anyone know where there might be a store
    in this little mainstream-thinkin' land (Belgium that is)
    that might have a copy of race on (a boxed one) for sale?
    I've been waiting more than six months for it now
    and I want it sooooo baaad:weep:

    thnx in advance
  2. Game-mania told me today 13/11 .
    So i don't know if i will wait that long .
    The only solution for the moment is STEAM .
  3. Nonono,
    Say it isn't so...
    I thought the european release date was 22nd october?
    did I miss something?

    I think I'm gonna cry.:crying:

    Thnx anyway Patrick
  4. If you go to Amazon.co.uk one of their retailers has it for £24.00 and it says international shipping available.

    Worth a look. I'll be getting through them hopefully next week as I want a boxed version too.
  5. And Tim did you have found RaceOn in Belgium ?
    I bought it from steam, couldnt wait anymore.
  6. Hey Patrick,

    No I have not.
    Next day, I went to game mania and ordered a copy.
    Like you said, I will have to wait till friday the 13th of november.

    Now I am trying to find a copy of GTR evolution
    but they don t sell that game anymore.
    Stupid me, why did nt I bought it while I still had the chance...:damnit:
  7. I have found GTR-E a few weeks ago in a FREE Record shop.
    Think you can order it if you want.
  8. I checked the ones in Leuven and Heist-op-den-berg
    but nothing.
    Yesterday I went to game mania in leuven
    and they said you couldn t order it anymore...
  9. Tim, i advice you to go on google, type free record shop into google, and start calling all the ones in yr close surroundings. If they don't have it, go further.

    I did this when GTA 4 came out, and i forgot to preorder it. When i heard it that day on the news copys were already gone almost everywhere, when i was still on my work, i had to drive for it from Gent to Oostende eventually. :)

    If there's nothing at FRS, try Game mania, a good GM store should check out the register and look if there's a copy anywhere in Belgium in a GM store. :)
  10. play.com will have it or playtrade within play.com if not
    good luck
  11. Friday after a 2 hour-search in Leuven
    I finally found a copy. WHOOOOOT!!
    It's always in the last place you look they say :clover:

    Thnx for the advice anyway
    (Damn, the AUDI R8 looks fine!!)
  12. Yes, i would say the same. By it on steam, very easy and direct downloading once you have paid!!

    good luck with it.:good:
  13. o, i just read you got it now!! HAVE FUN!!