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Need a bit of help with the pit menu

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Jakal31, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. Hi all....

    So, as the title implies, I need a bit of help learning how to utilize the pit menu. I have no idea how to cycle through it and no idea how to change anything (eg...which tires I want to change, if I want stop and go only, if I want fuel only...etc etc)....

    I'm sure this is a noob question. I'm sure it's probably been answered here about a million times over, but after pursing through about 30 pages of threads today learning various things that may aide me in upping my skill level, I'm about to actually go do some racing rather than reading the rest of the night. I searched around a bit but didn't find any actual answers (probably me not using the search menu correctly)...

    Anyways, help would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Queequeg


    There need to be keys bound to it. Default for most wheels is the digipad, but you can bind other keys to it. You basically need to bind keys for Pit Menu up/down and increase/decrease or use the default digipad binding if your wheel has it. You should also check what button is bound to "Request Pitstop".

    Then you use it as following in a race.
    1. Press "Request Pitstop" button
    2. Pitmenu should come up on the bottom right of the screen.
    3. Cycle through the options with your Pit Menu up/down buttons. If you want to change an option like fuel fillup or tire compound, use Pit Menu increase/decrease buttons on that option.
    4. Wait for "Pitcrew is ready" notification in the bottom left of the screen.
    5. Pit.
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  3. Awesome. Exactly what I was looking for.
    I have a button bound to the "request pit stop" but didn't have any bound for toggling through it or for "increasing" or "decreasing"....will do that now.

    Thanks a ton.

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  4. Ok...looking in the key binding options, I still don't see it...and I've went through them all about 10 times now. There is no "pit menu up and down, increase and decrease"....am I missing something?

    Are they called something else?
    Thanks in advance.
  5. alexSchmurtz

    SpeedyMite Racing Staff Premium

    Not sure how you change them but default keys are the arrow keys: you scroll up and down the menu, then once you are on an item you want to change: scroll left and right (or cycle through). Pay attention to the very last item: damage! It appears only if you need repair but is usually hidden at the bottom… That can take quite a bit of time: I always press the top arrow (to cycle and see the last item) before entering the pits, and switch it off unless my car is really damaged.
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  6. Thank you. I was wondering if anyone knew the defaults.
    I tinkered with a lot of them and set them to my preferences, so hopefully that isn't something I've changed from default (not that I can't go back to default, just don't want to have to set everything up all over again).....will give that a try.

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  7. Queequeg


    Now that I look at it I realize they aren't calles "Pitmenu something" but "LCD something". Sorry for the confusion:O_o: Have a screenshot of the relevant binding options in Options->Controls. See the red box I drew on the right.

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  8. For some reason, the LCD buttons want to control my vertical POV...LOL

    Still haven't tried the simplest way, which is attempting to use the arrow keys. Will try that today, when I get a chance.

    Thanks for the help.
    Might also try to set the LCDs again and see if they'll work when bound to different keys. Would really like them to work on my controller/wheel vs on the keyboard. Kinda hard to run 200 mph and use the keyboard at the same time. :)