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Nearly impossible to drive the F1s and F2s

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Noel Spence, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. Noel Spence

    Noel Spence

    can someone tell me why it is near on impossible to drive the old f1s and f2s i just cannot get them around the track with any confidence , the f3 is fine , is there some setting to make them more drivable
  2. Haha Noel

    Me too actually. Firstly I would suggest learn the tracks! Secondly in the F1 raise the gearing to 180odd mph as you get too much wheelspin round Monaco with lower gearing and the F1 in particaulr hates it. The engine is torquey. Move brakes to over 60% front as the rear comes round enough as it is!

    I am convinced that at Monaco there is a an "on the racing line and off it," I think there is a groove built into the track.

    The F2 can be really nice, I was only a few seconds off F1 times in a server, and was lovely to drive, but the F1 is all rear end, the front is vague and pushes on all the time. there might be a way you can dial it out perhaps, but I havent found it yet.

    But seriosuly, just track time. I havent driven Spa, hate the place but Monaco is a real test in the F1 car, as I say I think there is a groove aswell, but either way you are going to crash a lot.
  3. Noel Spence

    Noel Spence

    thanks rob i will try that :)
  4. Hey man, I am no expert, but felt just as exasperated early on.

    Seriously, try the F2 and F3 cars first to learn then try the F1
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  5. I can drive the F2's fine but the F1 tries to kill me :D Theres an F2 near the end with some wings, try that out until you get use to it then switch to a non winged car
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  6. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    It's very hard to drive the F1's but not impossible at all. With a good control of your right foot its very much possible to drive it around the track smooth. Just don't over drive it the moment you start doing your first laps.

    If you drive it with in the back of your mind that you die when you crash with 250 km/h you will really learn to control your big heavy right foot.

    What also helps is bringing the power setting down on the diff.
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  7. Dave Begley

    Dave Begley

    If you rig your right pedal to a self adjusting vice attached to your nuts it helps be light footed :eek:
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  8. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    What kind of sick-minded monster are you to even suggest that?
  9. LOL. Note that this F1 is just like the good old GPL was, so it's hard and it's so challenging as it's the most difficult car to drive.

    When I start practising to drive GPL cars soo long time ago it took something like 2 months to learn how to drive it fast, this is as difficult. This new rF2 its like GPL but better, thank's ISI, well done!
  10. Dave Begley

    Dave Begley

    Just trying to help :D

    Another suggestion is to have someone stood behind you with a hammer. Every time you go off they hit you. Its not long before you drive more carefully :D
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  11. I had a quick go on the f1 in spa and it's impossible to drive
  12. Another quick pointer.

    It's as simple as this really, time is all you need. I dont like Spa, so have done no laps there, well apart from early on when i decided I dont like it!

    Monaco is fine, learn the track and the line, its not as simple as you think, I am positive there is a groove on this track, and if you get out of that groove you are in the wall.

    Get used to the FFB, it does take a while, I use the game settings and then turn up the FFB to about 1.4 to make the steering heavier as it is a little flighty standard.

    Leave the gear ratios real long, this really helps prevent wheelspin, if you do this you can use second and third in places, first is only really for the tight bends to let you trickle round. Dont gear it to do 150 mph as you get too much revs and spin.

    Suspension, not sure really, I soften the roll bars, detach the rear, raise ride height a bit, drop packers to allow more cush??? I dont know.

    And most importantly use the winged car, teh EVE thing is a turd!!
  13. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Practice masters. You shouldn't do a "quick go" but a long stint and build it up nicely.
  14. I can drive the F1 and F2 perfectly well at Spa, usually for about 1/2-1 lap before I self destruct. It takes only an atoms width of wheel on the grass to cause instant death, the collision model is also quite over the top, if you're racing the AI they are almost certain to kill you before you ever kill yourself (the crashes seem a bit over the top considering how the most minor touch ends in certain death).

    Once you've got over the certain death, they are great fun to drive, I find the FFB is overpowering though and sometimes it feels like the FFB is driving me, and it has caused accidents, I'm not sure how to get it feeling nice, its like the details of the FFB are very strong, where as the wheel weight and dampening in comparison are fairly weak.

    Anyway, my issue isnt being able to drive the thing fast, its being able to drive the thing fast without killing myself once every lap or 2. Crashes often mean the end of the race even without damage on, as the car gets stuck very easily, many times i've been embedded into the wall and could not get out of it.

    Only really been driving them at Spa.
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  15. Please set off all driving aids and try again...:)
  16. Noel Spence

    Noel Spence

    thanks for all helpful comments especially daves lol, but this will take years to learn cheers noel
  17. Don't put the foot down until 3rd gear.
  18. For those complaining that crashing is instant death, that's what these cars were like. At the time, the drivers were extremely tentative about overtaking, and would never dare try the sorts of maneuvers we see F1 drivers pull off regularly.

    They killed 3 drivers on average every season at the time, and that left all the drivers thinking twice about every daring move they make. So they didn't do anything unless they were certain they'd come out the other end alive.

    I think ISI have captured the brutal nature of these cars quite nicely. However it seems the AI don't remember this until a few laps in! :p
  19. [QUOTEWhen I start practising to drive GPL cars soo long time ago it took something like 2 months to learn how to drive it fast, this is as difficult. This new rF2 its like GPL but better, thank's ISI, well done! ][/QUOTE]

    Took me a lot longer than that. I think thats why i liked driving the Brabham or the Eagle even though they werent as fast as the Lotus, but you could still be competitive with them and usually post consistent times.

    Sorry for the off topic there.........Noel i think the EVE F1 Sport with the wings is a little easier to drive than the ones without them, and i just posted a setup that seems to make it a little less twitchier and a bit easier to drive. And just as Bram stated practice is the key, because when you know the track its a lot easier to stay on it.
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  20. Maybe if i try it in first gear only i can drive it lol