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Naughty Naughty

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Chris Hempsall, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. Haha, Kimi you rascal. And cute little Seb trying to be a big boy and copy him.

  2. I never heard what Kimi said (possibly sh*t like he usually does) but i definitely heard Vettel saying the F word :)

    I honestly could care less about swearing but i get that the world wants to pretend nobody uses those words.
  3. What will they do, fine them? Because if they get banned from Formula 1 for swearing, well, it's gonna be a *censored* *censored*

    Sorry Jean Todt, I won't swear anymore.

    Edit: The BBC got 22 calls because of the swearing. God, the public must be so angry now.
  4. I thought it funny when DC tried to explain they were speaking in a second language.

    Makes sense really, my first Spanish, French, German and Polish words were swear words. Everybody learns the swear words first, they are the most fun :laugh:

    EDIT: I should note, pretty much my only words in those languages are swear words :D
  5. Us British get our knickers in a twist quite easily. There'll probably be a parliamentary enquiry into why some said a boo-boo on the BBC.

    Then the director of the BBC will be fined 7 years wages and put on the sex offenders register and BBC will have to pay a fine of £3Billion to make up for the hurt caused to all the fragile little souls.

    Yes, I'm joking, but stranger things have happened on this weird little island.
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  6. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    I blame Saville :)
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  7. all future live broadcasts will have a 5 second delay so that they can quickly cut away if anyone swears :p
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  8. I thought that this already was the case. I think it is here in the USA.
  9. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    It's like a civil war right now. Taken a few minutes ago on the streets in front of the BBC building.

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  10. yeah i know the USA does it for some big events, e.g., the Oscars. maybe they do it for everything though, i don't live in the US so can't say.

    but i doubt that the UK does it for live F1 races, that's what the joke was ;) :)
  11. the catholic church has begun protesting too:


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  12. wait they are upset over the S word or the :poop: word?

    Isn't the broadcast given at least a 1 minute delay? delay for them to bleep stuff out?

    I have heard worse things from a 5 year old. matter fact, isn't having a flithy language in Europe, especially Britain, a casual thing? Is the FCC or America really into this "bad language ban" or whomever controls this crap.

    lets firstly ban the stuff that is supposed to be banned in the car regulations, like the exhaust thing, then worry about foul language.
  13. The BBC has been famous for this kind of anal retention problem since the day they first started broadcasting, we get the same in Moto GP as well, the presenters will spend the rest of the day apologising for a slipped "S" or "F" word in an interview, in the defence of Kimi and Seb though they are two cases of young racing drivers who like so many before them spent their formative racing years learning the finer arts of the English language from a gathering of hairy arsed British mechanics and pit lane geezers.
    On the other hand the Aussie V8 guys will often let some juicy words flow over the radio on live broadcasts, the presenters just laugh and say "what are they like" :).
  14. I swear (away from my kids), but as I explained in my other post, I don't want my young children that love Vettel to look up to that.

    I don't think the BBC should take responsibility for it, but I do think it's crass to talk like that live on TV. To me it just means hey don't give a "bleep" about their audiences (arrogance).

    Where has the class gone in our celebrities. I think it was one of the Oscars presentations where the swearing became a cool thing to do.

    It's cheap and declasse. I know you guys are having a bit of a joke about it (which actually find quite funny), but for me, it's just desensitizing society and making it acceptable to be trashy at any time.

    I know I might sound a bit anal, but you'll be surprised how accepting such things contribute towards the demise of a society. Think about it teenage pregnancies in the UK and it's rise. Not giving a "bleep" about attitudes towards sex, makes it the norm and then all other issues arise from it.

    Sorry about the length.
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  15. I agree to an extent. There's no class anymore. Could you imagine Mansell, Prost, Senna, Hakkinen, even Alonso, Button, Webber. talking like that? Not in public.

    Saying that,It's still probably not the worst thing that kids saw on the TV that day, never mind that week/month/year.
  16. Definitely not the worst.

    There are some positives in this for me though, I've learnt that I might be overprotective with my kids. As many pointed out, I can't censor everything they hear.

    F1 in all it's forms has it''s benefits, if you get my drift ;).
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  17. Kids are funny...angels at home but at school they and their mates are discussing the latest swear words someone picked up somewhere :)
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  18. Sounds like me when I was at school.:whistling:.

    And guess what? My parents "tried" to censor everything.

    I feel like I'm back-tracking now. LOL!
  19. swearing doesn't bother me at all, but i must admit i cringed when i heard it on the podium. it seems like some of these drivers just swear to try and be 'cool' or get a reaction.

    since most drivers these days seem to be corporate mouthpieces for teams and sponsors i think gone are the day of true 'coolness' and glamour in F1. i doubt you'd see Vettel or Raikonnen sitting on their sidepod having a smoke and drinking a beer after winning a race :roflmao:

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