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Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by Minnelli, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. Guys - this is my first post of I hope many. I have developed an online NASCAR racing sim which is still in Beta.

    I am looking for a handful of folks to help contribute to the design of the game. Basically, I just need your feedback to improve the game and finalize the race script and a few minor tweaks. Of course, I will never be fully satisfied so development should continue for years :)

    It has been a long hard road over the last 3 months, but almost every feature is complete. The Practice and Qualifying Sessions look great and have a functioning leaderboard for each. Race strategy needs some code changes to it to match with the new race script changes but it is functioning on the backend the way I want. Standings and Race Results is perfect. Lap by lap race play back - well thats needs some tweaking...

    We will be doing a test season soon and I wanted to invite some of you good folks over to check it out. When the real full season starts we will do a race a day BUT you will be allowed to setup your car for up to 6 races in the future. So the burden of coming back everyday isn't necessary. This has been a lot of fun developing and I hope to continue to make folks happy...

    So come check out nasrac!!! Tell me what you think. NASCAR Racing Game, NASCAR Fantasy, NASCAR Simulation Strategy Game, Free Online Mulitplayer Simracing

    Thanks in advance.

    Kevin Minnelli
  2. James Johnson

    James Johnson
    The Weatherman

    Nice :thumb:
  3. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Welcome Kevin,

    I hope you find some help here (i am pretty sure you will)

    Good luck :thumb: and keep us updated please
  4. This is a funny game. I like it. It´s more than simple to get started. I guess you will enhance this system more like adding Sponsor System, Hospitality, Hiring/Selling Drivers, Technical Advancements to you car etc. but from the scratch it´s cool. Thank you Minelli :)
  5. Simple is what I like - I'm too dumb to create an rFactor :) I understand numbers and databases not graphic accelerators and physics.

    I will be enhancing sponsorship and teams as the game develops. As for hiring selling drivers I do it different than some other games since you are the driver. My goal is going to allow the driver to use points to improve certain abilities / talents like - Drafting Ability, Road Course, Short Track, Speedway, Pitting, Communication, Luck, Charisma, Motivation, Stamina. We haven't finalized all the skills yet but have discussed it on our forum.

    Glad you like it.

  6. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Hmm good thing then. If Sascha as our oval expert like it then it must be good! Keep us updated Minnelli
  7. This is a nice concept..I will post about it on my blog within the hour :D
  8. Braddor - I appreciate it, feel free to join up as well. I'm going away this weekend so dev work will kind of stop but I'm still hoping that by early August we will be underway with a full test season. New features and race management options will come along the way. Development will never stop :)

    Thanks - Minnelli
  9. Could you explain a bit more, I am confused as to how to actually race? Is it a real game where you have to control the car or is it strictly managing the team and car?
  10. It is strictly management. The idea is 7 laps of practice to fine tune 11 components on the race car between 0-99. Each lap the system tells you more or less for each component as you try to zero in on the setup. Once practice is done you make your run for pole in Qualifying. After that you can make your final tweaks to race strategy, pit strategy etc. Then nightly I will run a batch process that runs the race simulation lap by lap based on all the drivers settings. Then the driver/user can either look at how they did lap by lap or go check out the final results of the race, where they are assigned the points and bonus points. You will also see how you stand in the chase for the cup, the overall standings with gains and losses like the standard NASCAR standings.

    The great thing about my game is most games in this genre only allow you to race or prepare for one race at a time but with mine I'm allowing the flexibility for the driver to prepare for up to 6 races in the future, so you don't have the burden of coming back everyday. I think the normally player would setup for maybe a couple races and come back the next day and see how they did. Practice, Qualifying and Race Strategy only takes about 5 minutes per race, so it's a nice amount time to see real results. I've played lots on online driving games and they are great and Nasrac will not replace them. However, I will provide a way to have some fun and complete a whole 36 race season in 6 weeks.

    I hope this explains a little more, I could go into another 1000 words of description but I stay with the old adage - a picture is worth a thousand words. Stop by, register, go run a few races and see what you think. I will not spam or sell your email address.

    Hint for folks about Gmail - if your email is joe@gmail you can register as Joe+nasrac@gmail or joe+racedept@gmail -- the plus helps you control spam or block emails in the future when you are tired of getting stuff say from Best Buy :)

    Also, note I'm in this for the long term - I see many F1 games like this and I thought I could fill the need for NASCAR between a full sim and fantasy. If your into F1 you can go check out Grand Prix Racing Online - I've run a couple seasons an F1 Manager and it's pretty fun. We both have a slightly differnet take on the internal style of the game, but they have been a huge inspiration for me.

    Please note that my races are only practice and qualifying right now as I polish up the final race code. The code works fine now, but I'm not happy with the pacing on certain tracks, as in how many seconds behind position 10 is after a restart. I've logged a lot of NASCAR on TV trying to make the game as realistic as possible. I've even had a couple folks from the Nascar Technical Institute chime in with some critical ideas/suggestions early.

    Kevin Minnelli
  11. Ok much better. I wanted to make sure my post was factual. I was a tad bit unsure from the info on the site. Maybe you should put this description on your web site as well.
  12. Yes sir, good idea. I did throw this description up in my forum. I didn't want to hog up my home page with details but maybe I'll make a FAQ page. I have to leave town this week for the wife's family reunion so I'll be on hiatus for a few days. Thanks for the suggestions...

  13. Excellent my first official press :) Thank you very much nice write up. I'm glad I could clear it for you yesterday and I did add the FAQ...with your question. Thanks for the advice and help.

  14. Np
  15. Quick Update - great progress has been made on the race code or race script - specifically tire wear / tire degradation is looking real nice and working even better. Last night I took a shot at improving the risk management aspect of the game (Risk Early - basically the aggressive settings for the race). Once I get this one figured out it should be reusable logic for the other risk factors in the game. I'll check back in when I have more to say.

    Kevin Minnelli
  16. Guys - we are on Race 19 tonight and starting a new group who will begin racing next Monday. If you haven't taken a look stop by and see what's up with NASRAC. We have almost 300 members and are growing very fast. I have opened up the code so anyone can casual browse the site and see the look and feel of the drivers results, lap by lap race results and the standings. Some area are still locked down, but the majority of the areas are available to everyone. If you sign up now you will be part of our A6 Group whcih we will fill with about 50 drivers. Remember this is daily races Mon-Sat and you can prep your car up to a week in advance.
  17. James Johnson

    James Johnson
    The Weatherman

    this game is well worth the time :D 3rd in Group A1 few races till the chase :thumb::p
  18. Thanks James - you have been a great addition to Nasrac. I understand the advertising policy here won't let me post my link and I'm cool with that. Who reads rules :) I'm sorry to the board.

    Anyhow you seem like a long time member of the forum so I hope folks can get a kick out of me poking a little fun at you :)

    James's stats thru 23 races - let's have a hand for Mr. Consistency
    23 starts - overall 4th place after a bad showing at Michigan
    NO WINS, 6 TOP 5s and 12 Top10s - locked into the chase.

    Check the image out below...and thanks for the thumbs up for nasrac.com :thumb:

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  19. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    The link of this great game is in the toppost if anybody needs a direct link :D