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NASCAR The Game 2013: Available On Steam

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Bram, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

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  2. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Is this game going to be available on console too? Haven't raced a Nascar title for so long, would be good to get back onto it :)
  3. wow! i am so happy right now
  4. Yes! I will be getting this. I've seen the previews and videos and the game looks like a decent one, better than F12012.

    Though I'm not interested in the beta pre-order as I don't really enjoy playing a game with bugs. I'll probably wait for the full release in late July.

    I hope this game is available for steam download without having to purchase a CD, as I live in Australia and I seriously doubt that I will find a hard CD copy of the game here.
  5. I believe it's already been released for Xbox, PlayStation and Wii.
  6. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Yes, indeed. News are that it's coming to Steam. I'll have to watch some more reviews to decide if I want to get it.

  7. its already on ps3 i do know.if you in europe you can get it via playstation store didgital download £15.99 if remember right.pc version guna b a must for me though
  8. It should be interesting, comparing reviews from the already reviewed console version and the PC one, even if only to check if the developer sorted out the negatives...and also worth checking the handling model (further improvements?).
  9. Race department reviewed this game for consoles and didn't like it, right? I dearly hope it's improved on PC. If the damage modeling and crash physics suck thn count me out. Can anyone match the damage modeling from the late 90s Sierra developed NASCAR games? Really pisses me off how damage is so pathetic on games nowadays.
  10. That is the reason why they have the pre-release beta version - so people can buy it pre-release from Steam and report any bugs found to the developers so they can sort them all out before the game is officially released for PC. So keeping that in mind, it should already be way ahead of the console versions when released (we can hope).

    Maybe something Codemasters should keep in mind before releasing F12013 as well.
  11. It should be a lot more improved for the PC version (fingers crossed), for the reasons I outlined in my post above.
  12. Can anybody tell me if i buy the game now, can i play the game NOW (beta) or when will the beta start?`I ask because at STEAM many guys are playing the game an post feedbacks :)
  13. Yes, from what I'm reading over on the NTG forums you can play it straight away in beta version.

    But I read that there are lots of sound bugs and game crashing to desktop bugs, and general gameplay bugs, if you're willing to part with some money now and put up with that.

    Personally, i'm waiting for the bugs to be ironed-out and will purchase the game after it's released in late July. Too many reports of people having to restart their season/career with the game as it currently is in the beta release due to the game crashing and freezing a lot.
  14. Having Richard Towler to consult on physics and Eutechnyx doing their best to port this to PC I think it will be good. I have heard of some controller support issues which to me is #1 priority. Get controller issues buttoned up first. I assume they may need to patch it after release with what I have been hearing. I FTMP intend to give it a shot when I learn load cell brake has become supported.
  15. That is not what Richard does there. He is responsible for vehicle setup design. Eutechnyx have 1 vehicle dynamics responsible, the project/physics head, Mark M..

    Porting software is a complex business, even more so between such diverse systems (xbox and PC). Hopefully, the physics engine will really shine through in the PC version.
  16. A couple of patches later, this game is getting better each time. There's some great racing with the AI, and the feeling of speed and bump drafting is really good.
    Eutechnyx seem to be doing a good job here, and responding to bug reports. This could turn into an excellent Nascar sim/game
  17. In your opinion Keith is it worth purchasing now? Or do you recommend still waiting for final fully patched release at the end of July to avoid most of the current bugs?

    I'm going to puchase this game, even though it is a simcade like F1 2012. I see on the NTG forum that there are still bugs being reported even after the second patch, even though it sounds like it is getting better to play.
  18. To me this game will live or die by the ffb. If it's anything like codies f1 series it's a big nono from me as the ffb in that series utter shite. Would be cool to get proper NASCAR game tho.
  19. Yes, it is a simcade like F1 2012, that's probably a good game to compare it with - in my opinion, there's already a comparable level of immersion with the spotter & the fast, close, door to door racing.
    My three usb devices (G27, Button box and ProRace display buttons only) all work together, though some are still reporting problems.
    Eutechnyx are responding well to bug reports and two patches have already produced good improvements. They are promising more cautions caused by AI, and more mechanical retirements, which is lacking at the moment. Personally I feel there are also some discrepancies in difficulty levels from track to track, but again, there have already been improvements, & it's still being worked on.
    The big difference for me though, is, I am simply tired of trying to ignore and edit / tweak my way round the way the F1 2012 AI cheat, i.e.no matter what we do to tweak & improve them, the lap times & race director screen are NEVER going to be genuine/fully truthful due to the simulated out of sight racing & it leaves me feeling let down. NGT2013 may also be a 'simcade', but it does not give me this impression so far, so if Eutechnyx continue to iron out the minor niggles, for me this is a hands down winner.
    My bottom line right at this moment with the beta is: it is already great fun and very playable for me as it is, and Eutechnyx are making noticeable improvements, so it's well worth an early purchase.
  20. Hey there, I work at ETX, glad that many seem to be enjoying the PC beta release so far, needless to say any comments in we get regarding bugs/improvements are taken very seriously and we hope we can give you the best experience we can!