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NASCAR->Pacecar and penalties HELP

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by stevenlittle, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. Hi
    A question:
    today we had our first season race at Daytona but a lot of problems:
    1. under caution everyone pitted. The leader came out first and then got a longest line penalty because he couldn't reach the safetycar in time. The problem is, that he tried his best, like pedal to the metal...but didn't had a chance.
    2. after a caution, rFactor gave stop'n'go to nearly everyone at the top 15.
    3. all of those drivers tried to pit next lap and another caution came out BUT, two of the drivers pitted and did their stop'n'go. I took a look and the yellow was out, before they reached the pitline....
    maybe you can help and got any ideas?
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  2. which mod? if its vhr i would recommend you going to vhracing.net and post it in there forums.
  3. yes it is...and I already did.... :-(
  4. The rFactor AI Safety Car is terrible and not suitable for online racing. I'm amazed you actually used it..