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Nascar Heat

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by DaveO, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. Speedsims proudly presents:


    The Shelby Can-Am car was originally designed and built by Carroll Shelby as a Junior class car, for drivers aiming for high profile single-seater racing such as IRL. In South Africa these cars are run in the fastest single-seater class. In 2008 they got a new locally developed and manufactored lightweight fibreglass body and Nissan 3.5 litre V6 engines


    This mod is something special insofar as we got the real series' drivers and maintainers interested to get this mod done:

    - we got 3D data from the real car's designer
    - we got consulting and testing support from the real life series' 2009 champion Darryn Lobb

    Check it out !


    Any questions feel free to post on our forum at http://speedsims.net.proboards.com

  2. is this "speedsims" of old? there used to be a website called "speedsims" some years ago, but the whole site went down a number of years ago..taking alot of great mods with it..is it, one and the same

  3. Nope, that was Speedsims.com, was about SCGT and went down in 2003 so far as I recall
    This one here is Speedsims.net, it's about NHeat and LFS and exists since 2005
  4. thats what i surmised, i remember their shutdown very sad day indeed, is LFS editable at all do you know?
  5. LFS is NOT legally editable.

    But so far as I know there's some ways to mod it nonetheless, within limits
    You cannot add new cars, but you can switch the original car bodies to custom ones. And there's some tools out there to edit certain aspects of physics as well. To me these restrictions look to be somewhat similar to those NR2003 had.

    But unlike NR2003, there's no way to put in new custom tracks to LFS AFAIK

    The Shelby mod, however, is about NHeat - which is fully editable. And the NHeat game engine is available for free - legally :D
  6. thanks for the information...appreciate it
  7. I raced with alot of the guys at Speedsims with the alias "KRB"

    Didnt stay with the Nheat engine long due to the limited netcode for large leagues.

    Glad to see you guys still around, if any of you guys are interested in joining for some club races send me a PM and I can fill you in.

  8. "limited netcode" :confused:

    NHeat engine for sure has some limits, but especially NHeats netcode is at least as good as that of most more modern sim engines, like all ISI-based ones or LFS. So when you say your reason to drop off was the netcode thats like saying you dropped eating sugar because its not sweet enough for you ;)

    Unless you refer to times we ran races in "thin mode", because of low server bandwidth. That caused limits at collision detection, but wasn't a flaw of the game engine, but a limit to server bandwidth

    Usually today NHeat online races use fat mode. No limits :)
  9. Unreleased 1950s Grand-Prix Car Mod PROMO

    OK, I know this is not a current or even recent sim but I just discovered it on an old external HDD.

    This goes back I think to about 2003 and is a mod based on the MGI Sim 'Nascat Heat' which itself was released in 2000. AFAIK it was never released as I cant find any mention of it online. At the time we were going to call it "Golden Age Legends" although an earlier title was "Spirit of Heat 1950s era".

    This early title was based on the released, and very popular (at the time) Spirit of Heat mod which replicated the GP Cars of the 30s (Auto Union etc.). The title came from the game "Spirit of Speed" which promised lots but never delivered, anyone remember that ??

    Anyway. I worked on lots of 'mods' mainly as driving physics beta tester and editor. I've raced in real life since 1990 and so had some real-world experience of what a race car should handle like at the limit.

    Nascar Heat was actually a very good, if basic physics engine. Whilst it had none of the modern day stuff such as weather effects, wear etc. neither did it have any unrealistic aspects as many modern sims still do.

    The MGI team who develkoped Nascar Heat were mostly ex Papyrus guys, many of whom had worked on Grand-Prix Legends.

    Anyway, back to the video. I also produced the video as I have always had a very strong interest in video editing and indeed my Youtube channel has over 250 video, all apart from this one from real-life racing, onboard, multi-cams etc. but having found this I just had to post.


    PS. Anyone on here remember/still play Nascar Heat mods ??
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Aha, thanks for moving, I didnt spot there was a specific Nascar Heat folder, good to see the game still lives on :)

  12. Biggest place to find the NASCAR Heat related community today is at The Mod Squad (http://themodsquad.uni.cc/). They have a lot of links to NHeat online racing communities such as Speedsims.net, NHRL, etc

    btw... something that you may find interesting:
  13. Actually NASCAR Heat physics do have tire wear effect
    Have in mind NACSAR Heat got official updates even years after it had been released, and some of these updates were about physics. Most recent version is 1.80.
  14. Aha, thanks for that, I will have to look into this, long time since I fired up Nascar Heat.

  15. Thanks for those, really great to see that Heat and Heat mods are still around. Lots of names I remember there, Punko & BigBen, Jayblade etc. worked with all those guys.

    I still hear from Punko occasionally.

  16. Hey Cholerix, its been a while.

    I loved the Nheat engine, and the netcode. What I was saying was it didnt handle the size of league I put together.

    The VTA series I put together we had 22 on the start grid for race 1 and it was a complete mess. It was not a lack of bandwidth I can assure you that. We found the perfect number of cars to race without issues was 18. Which meant 4 people could not race.

    I am now running a league called ATCC through RD, and in server 1 we ran 25 cars with no lag whatsoever, drawing racers from AUS, EU, NA, SA, and all over.

    NHeat was my stepping stone into the 75 entry league I run now. I even tried playing Heat again a while back but it just didnt feel like it used to. When I raced heat I was using a Madcatz wheel with no FFB and just a spring to center the wheel that i got at a garage sale for 2$, oh good times.

    I wish you guys all the best. Your community was excellent and I enjoyed my time with you guys. I think you guys should come try out the Race series and race in ATCC :) You will enjoy it I promise.