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Featured NASCAR Heat Evolution - More Update News

Discussion in 'NASCAR Heat Evolution' started by Paul Jeffrey, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    NASCAR Heat Evolution.jpg
    Dusenberry Martin Racing Executive Producer, Sean Wilson, has shared some further new information regarding the upcoming update for NASCAR Heat Evolution - adding to the already revealed development roadmap we wrote about on Monday.

    With a couple of recent patches already behind the game, it appears work is still progressing at a considerable pace as the studio line up another big update in the coming weeks. Wilson has recently revealed some additional details about some of the new goodies fans have to look forward to. The DMR Executive Producer has confirmed the test development build of Heat Evolution contains no less than 30+ updates and fixes to the current version! Final testing is currently underway, so a patch for PC and console editions of the game should be close to release.

    Already confirmed to be part of the next build, and especially gratifying to online players, is the inclusion of a new "ghosting" feature for drivers who circulate the wrong way around the circuit. A strangely common occurrence on public servers, wreckers who drive the wrong way are a menace to serious online gamers, amplified even more so by the lack of full course yellow functionality in the title. Sadly Wilson has again confirmed the implementation of full course yellows during online races will not be present in the current game, as "development time and risk" have been judged to be too high to guarantee a successful implementation. Wilson and the studio have, on numerous occasions, confirmed this is something that will be discussed with a view to appearing in future releases of the NASCAR Heat franchise, no doubt to the relief of many online gamers!

    How sensitive the ghosting option is set remains to be seen. If just aimed at those with a tendency to drive the wrong way then great, however it would be nice to see the option taking effect to damaged cars moving slowly on track and those stranded in a dangerous position.

    Other news from Wilson includes the soon to be added ability to use custom setups online and an option to create simulation only hosted lobbies. For console, hosts of private lobbies can change length and tyre wear between races, giving leagues the opportunity to set up shorter qualifying sessions prior to the main race events.

    No release date for the next update has been made available, however the studio have confirmed final testing is underway and, barring unforeseen issues, it is expected the PC build will be released first with Xbox One and PS4 updates shortly afterwards, following granting of the appropriate console specific approvals from Microsoft and Sony respectively.

    NASCAR Heat Evolution is available for Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 now.

    The NASCAR Heat Evolution sub forum at RaceDepartment offers you the perfect place to interact with fellow community members and fans of the game. We have our own modding downloads forum, cover the latest news and of course have Michael Watts excellent Xbox One NASCAR Friday Night Heat Series.

    Yet more news of upcoming development for NASCAR Heat Evolution, are you excited to see what the future holds for this title? Do you think NASCAR Heat Evolution can become a serious contender for best NASCAR game? What features / fixes would you most like to see adding to the game? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. M D Gourley

    M D Gourley

    Ok...that has sparked my interest a little, / a passing glance if you will....jog on
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  3. Michael Watts

    Michael Watts
    XB1 Gamertag: michaei watts Premium

    Like I said this game is improving. Will be a great pick up for Xmas and they are keeping up to date with nascar's ever evolving liveries with he DLC's so the game doesn't get outdated. Also in some of his tweets they have begun work on a Title sequel which will hopefully be the game we hoped for initially.
    The implementation of Full course cautions online isn't a big deal for leagues though as they have been doing manual cautions for the last 3 titles.
  4. Michael, I'm sorry in advance, as I really don't mean to pick on you and I don't want you to take this personally, but here is my impression as a relatively disinterested observer to how this game has gone down:

    - They released a product that was buggy to such extremes that one would have a hard time not labeling it unfinished (yet, it was sold to consumers at full price).
    - In the meantime, the developers have found a way to leverage NASCAR's propensity for livery changes into a nice little cash stream for themselves (bilking die-hard NASCAR fans - the ones willing to look past the bugs - out of their hard earned cash).
    - Finally, the devs have had the nerve to already start pimping a sequel (which will presumably be again sold at full price to people hoping THIS will be the game they were originally promised).

    Honestly, I'm glad you are enjoying the game and you are perfectly within your rights to have a positive opinion on it and express it here, but I feel like DMR/Monster is taking advantage of your love of racing/NASCAR to make some cash. That really pisses me off.
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  5. 2pfspiff

    2015 pCars World Endurance Challenge AM Champion

    Can't really argue with you on all of this, but Pcars and Asseto Corsa have basically did the same thing. Release a game that is not yet completed, patch it and then release DLC for the public to buy before the game is fully complete. It seems to be the way Games are released now-a-days.
  6. M D Gourley

    M D Gourley

    Yes I agree....this is unfortunate, but the time it takes to get a Sim / Game half done so to speak, possibly thousands of work hours must have accumulated without any money coming in as there are mouths to feed, bills to pay, building leases to keep up etc etc...the money list is endless, so a quick infusion of cash is a must at this stage, thus having to release the Sim / Game early to allow for this.....so I personally think as you said...It seems to be the way Games are released now-a-days.
  7. Michael Watts

    Michael Watts
    XB1 Gamertag: michaei watts Premium

    Sadly I agree. TheDLC isn't necessary to purchase to enjoy the game. It's merely add on liveries that NASCAR has been using to create cash flow since 1995. NASCAR learned they could make money easily by selling Diecast collectibles and clothing marketing all of the "Special Run" liveries after Dale Earnhardt's special livery that was run in the All Star race in 1995. Since then it's been common practice to market those paint schemes for extra income. That's why I'm not surprised with the DLC's.