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NASCAR @ Daytona on Gold

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Łukasz Demolin, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. I've finally got all golds on Jeff Gordon NASCAR Challenge (or however it's called exactly ;)) and went straight on to tackling the NASCAR championship. Found the Indy to be very pleasant and simple (AI slows down heavily in the corners), road courses were very enjoyable and not too challenging too track wise, cars were quite a handful in a fun way (despite the forced ASM, which I found to be switchable from the DFGT-menu later on), had a blast turning those powerful cars in some tight bends.

    But the last race is a 10-lap Daytona. I understand that AI is very cumbersome in GT5 and all, but the shenanigans it's doing in this race are way past ridiculous. It's easy to get tapped by some punky driver, sometimes completely without a reason. Also it's impossible (with the settings I'm using) to pull away from them like you can on Indy, because draft plays a major role on this very high-speed track. And you're screwed if you're P1.

    There comes my question - have any one of you found an non-irritating way to "gold" this race? The best way I've come up with is the technique I've used in the Daytona race from the last Tier of Gordon's challenge, that is to make my way up to P2, get on the P1 driver bumper and like real stock cars on some tracks do, bump him so he is not overtaken and allows me to build higher speed thanks to reduced drag. I've got as far as lap 7 in P2, but after that got fishtailed, pissed of and turned the race off for the day.

    If anyone has some setup, upgrade, anything that can help it'd be appreciated. My car got a rigidity upgrage + racing softs already.
  2. I found the Jeff Gordon final challenge a lot more difficult than this race (best i managed was 4th, i think thats bronze), heard a lot of people complain about it but i managed to win it first try, despite being knocked off the track from behind, i caught it and drove back on and worked back up the field, just sit in 2nd until the last last lap and pass on turn 2, obviously easier said than done.

    losing position doesnt seem to mean anything unless you get out of draft range.
  3. bumpdraft until the last corner then take the inside and then block like crazy. I think I won by 0.003
  4. If you never saw nascar, then the best tip is indeed bumpdrafting and dual the final lap with the leader. Daytona is drafting paradise, and bumpdrafting is the way to go
    and don't use braking unless really needed
  5. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    I just can't pass the special Nascar events. All I was able to do was to get all bronze, which means I don't get a Nascar car, the last event (I believe the one that needs the 21 level) I just can't do better than 10th place on the last challenge. Therefore don't be able to make Nascar championship. What a noob.
  6. Yeah, as I described it I figured the bumpdrafting out (TBH didn't know the name of this technique). Was hoping to find the lazy-ass solution :D. And Ryan - I liked the Jeff Gordon's challenge better simply because it's short and it's less annoying to retry two quick laps than to get tapped out on lap 7 or something. Most annoying part is the fact that (in the Daytona challenge) when you squeeze in for P1 or 2 on the inside and the AI car closes in on you even the slightest touch (caused by the AI in 100%) may mean a DQ. That was annoying.

    Ah well, gonna try to calm myself down and get the Daytona gold the regular way then.