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Name Announcement

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Thomas Mundy, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Hi guys just to let you know that as of this year due to the way rFactor 2 works I will begin using my real name. I have been using a different name for years in rFactor due to the fact that I was a minor when I started racing and my parents didn't want me using my real name. However I am now nearly 21 years old so am a big boy :p. Obviously the rFactor 2 online system has enforced this change especially as leagues will probably have the option soon to enforce real names so from now on my real name, Thomas Mundy, will be what I use. I have sent a private message to a moderator on here to change my account name too. I will adjust my signature so that it says 'formerly Scott Wilde' for a while to avoid any confusion but thought I best tell you all so you will still have the same sense of fear I'm gonna crash into you when I'm behind :p. See you all for winter series and 2013 season.

    A few of the admins have been aware of my real name for some time now but now you all know. And I'm sure it wins prize for most boring announcement of the week.
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  2. Well, that changed my life.
  3. Dont you mean 'Well, that escalated quickly'
  4. Ive always wondered who Scott Wilde was.
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  5. Ron, what Borna said made sense.
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  6. Would you rather I'd not said anything then Borna? I'm telling people out of courtesy. My apologies if you think I'm clogging up forum space but I do think its necessary to let people know. You could have just not read it.
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  7. Bradley was trying to reference a movie then why do that
  8. But Borna said nothing wrong and you was trying to correct him.

    Look, I found a mistake in your comment. Here is a movie reference: "I'll be back"
  9. I meant this picture images.jpg
  10. I understand what you meant, however you was trying to correct Borna which made your comment make no sense what so ever.... Bloody hell...
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  11. Ok i am sorry
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  12. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    So where did the Scott Wilde come from?
  13. My middle name and my grandmother's maiden name.
  14. I am still in shock. This post rocked my world.
  15. very intensive topic lol
  16. Scott Wilde was a cool name ;)
    Now i know who you are :
    Thomas, I'm your real Father !

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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Lol Morgan.
  19. muhahhah