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Misc Nürburgring & Istanbul Park 0.7

Adds Nürburgring & Istanbul Park to the game.

  1. Derpish submitted a new resource:

    Nürburgring & Istanbul Park - Adds Nürburgring & Istanbul Park to the game.

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  2. Does it work in Career Mode?
  3. Interesting mod
  4. As far as i know yes it does , quickly made it as the 1st race in season
    . 2013-07-12_00002.jpg 2013-07-12_00003.jpg
  5. does the drs work
  6. Are these from F1 2011? If so, this'll be taken down mate. If not, forgive me.
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  7. nice!!!!!!!!!
  8. yes
  9. sadface
  10. I think its not for F1 2011 because the pits working.If you import 2011 tracks when you pit the game crash....So nice work mate :)
  11. Nice job. Problem with car monitor for Nurburgring. You need to change the name cm_bg_hockenheim to cm_bg_nurburgring in b_car_monitor_nurburgring.pssg. Similarly for Istanbul if the textures is missing.
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  12. Melphiz

    [TruckSim-Map Team]

    Oh, nice work mate, I gave up on adding those two circuits months ago. I wasn't patient enough to change this and this and ... meh :D Usually it ended up in gamecrashes so I screw it. But it's really good to see, someone did that work, am excited to test it this evening ^__^
  13. can you play on the internet with this mod
  14. Lesley Buurlage

    Lesley Buurlage

    i want to replace the nurburgring for hockenheim, can i then only put the nurburgring files and delete hockenheim in the game or do i have to edit the database? and does it work with the 2013 mod?
  15. Why did you answer like this? Please don't make a vague answer, we need clear answer.
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  16. you can do that or you could simpy open database go to track_model and find the row main_career _round_number change hockenheims value to something like 100 and nurburgring to 10 or whatever you want the race be in order. as in does it work with 2013 the answer is no since i modded the default database to get it working for 2013 you need to add track_difficulties for track 90 and 95. And you need to edit track_model relating both tracks that were added.

    Edit: Keep in mind the AI is still not perfect for these 2 tracks and they do tend to be slower / faster.
  17. They are modded 2011 tracks to make them work for 2012 and not the crash game.
  18. I have bad news. Exchanging files between 2011 and 2012 is a copyright infringement and will not be tolerated on RD. We had the discussion when 2012's demo came out.

    I'll report this to the staff.
  19. Well i wasn't here back when 2012 demo came out so i had no clue :/
    It really would been helpful if there was some Rules i could read somewhere, or did i miss them ?
  20. I'm not entirely sure whether this can be found anywhere; hopefully the staff can clear that up.