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Released Myttäälä sprint reversed version RX_plugin.

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Justup, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Myttäälä sprint reversed version.
    Richard Burns Rally RX-plugins -track.
    Track type is Gravel and it is 5 km long.
    The track is located in Pälkäne in Finland.
    The track is made by Justup and tested by Leka.

    Down load link is http://www.sendspace.com/file/m1443j
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  2. Nice stage, man! In good quality and perfect FPS rating. I have a lot of fun to drive on :).
    This is some of my opinion:
    First. Too much the same textures in Xpack, 175 MB it's too much for short SS. You can solve this with my tutorial and it's not to hard to do (in Xpack). Some mesh is missing when loading in RBR
    Second, some trees don't have collision and electric pole too. May help make some simple invisible model for solve this.
    Next, some roadside textures have to light, and it's seen when driving.
    Any way - you make good job and it's realy good for RBR comunity...
  3. Thanks a lot.
    Nice to hear. All help is needed and you support has helped me a lot. Okay, where I can find yours tutorial?

    Once again, BIG thanks!
  4. ok, you must look this accurate:
    Grass tutorial in Sketchup
    Texture changing model work not only with grass or trees models, but with all others too. I saw, you have more "blank" type texture. This is affect after, when you leave non textured faces or single lines. For avoid this, you must follow this procedure the same as removing double side of model (see on videos)...
    Second, I sow road sign is flickering textures. I'm not sure, who has the influence for it. But may, try used textures without alpha channel. Or flickering faces, make in much big distance, between.
  5. Thanks Barbje!
    This will help me a lot. And help me to push hard forward. And to make more Maximum Attack tracks.
  6. could someone reupload this track? The sendspace link is down...