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mystery driving wheel appears and desappear

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Cote Dazur, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. Very strange, only happeneing with that one mod, as I get close to other car the wheel will diseapear again and reappear as they pull away

    Any suggestion on what is going on?
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2013
  2. Jempy


    Surely only a graphic problem:
    Once many cars are seen, you surely have a high fps loss ... as usual if the the graphics of the cars are heavy.

    Maybe try lower graphic options in game in order to see if the problem disappear.
    Already tried ?

    At our league, we knew worst: because of very heavy cars in a mod, game crashed regularly when driving or placed in garage near one or the other car ... but only with 2 models.
    By making these 2 cars less heavy, our modder solved the problem.
  3. Yes Jean Pierre, already tried lowering, did not change anything.:)
  4. Jempy


    I read your question and answers at NG ... strange you're the only one to have this problem !
    - did you already tried to uninstall the mod and reinstall ?
    - does this problem also happen if you move the seat forward ? I had the problem once with a mod !
    - did you have this mod before Race07 Steam conversion with the same problem ?

    I think that if all questions give a positive answer ... the problem is surely due to a graphic setting in your pc.... else someone else should have already reported such a bug if it was one !
  5. JP, it was happening also when moving the seat and the mod was installed after the conversion.
    I have uninstaled and reainstalled a previous version of the mod and I do not have this issue anymore.
    I douby my PC was the issue as everything else works well, except for that one, most likely did not installed properly.
    Still would be nice to understand what was happening.
  6. Jempy


    Maybe you should try reinstalling the new version once again just to check if 1st install of the new version was not faulty ?
    That way you'd be sure it wasn't simply an install problem.
  7. Yes, I will, and it is possibly something that did not install properly, I agree.
    What I am curious to understand is what is the reason why the driving wheel and nothing else is affected by the presence of cars around the one I am driving.
    I know sometime there is more than one version of the same items depending on how far they are from the playing point, but there is only one file for the driving wheel as far as I know.:cautious: