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My Youtube series: How I drive single and multiplayer

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Darren Bentley, May 28, 2011.

  1. These are the links to my single player Career vids people, if you have a youtube account please comment, like & subscribe, it really helps

    Single player
    Bahrain links:
    part 1

    part 2

    50 Subscriber Special Spa 50% Race (Not Career Race)

    Monaco RD Race

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Italy (5 mins)

    Singapore (Full race, edited down)

    Japan (Full race edited down)

    Korea (Full Race Edited)

    Brazil (Full Race Edited)

    Abu Dhabi (Full Race Edited)

    Multiplayer links
  2. tc assist i take it?
  3. Yeah, I am a noob in comparison to Steve Stoop aka or Cadmuss
  4. Monaco Multiplayer up tomorrow
  5. Dont worry about that Darren... I have seen steve's career videos to, and compared to him everybody is a noob:)
  6. :), Monaco Multiplayer tomorrow, you will wanna watch that
  7. engine sounds are alittle loud, cant really hear you :/
    kudos for putting vids up for all to see! keep em comming!
  8. Uploading Monaco Multiplayer race now.
  9. Link to Monaco Multiplayer GP
  10. Recording Australia might get it up either today or tomorrow
  11. Due to issues Australia won't go up, I started 19th < horrible qualifying, finished 7th or 8th up next Malaysia
  12. Advertising
  13. Monaco is up well part 1 is, part 2 should be up later
  14. part 2 is now up remeber to comment, like and subscribe. LINK ON FIRST PAGE
  15. fully updated, Singapore & Italy have been added to the list
  16. link to vid

    to view it from here

    And of course like & subscribe to myuniverse1234, maybe comment if you want :D
  17. Are you recording with fraps :)?
  18. :D you would think but no this is from PS3, so I am recording with a Dazzle, which are normally horrible when it comes to quality but it doesn't do too bad,could use PVR but need to buy one first
    Seeing as I have tweaked the dazzle to give good quality vids it's ok that I use it
  19. Ah no worries, I have a DVC 107 that I used for my 360 way back when cod4 was the game everyone play!
    I asked as I'm planning to record a few races being organised on here should I get in :)
  20. Link to Japan GP

    As always quality of the thumbnail is worse than the videos,
    also a little Like and sub does help :D