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My worst season since F1 2010, why?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Camacho, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. Hi everybody.

    I made the decision to tell you how is it going my current season because I'm very, very frustrated and disappointed.

    I'm in my 5th season at Mercedes GP. Previously I have won the championship with Ferrari, McLaren and Red Bull. In these seasons I have done quite a few poles and victories, specially in McLaren and Red Bull. But for now, in Mercedes everything has changed. In 12 grand prix I have done only one pole and one victory (in a rainy day...). I suffer a lot trying to be in Q3 and in several races I'm out of it. My pace in races is very bad. I have to take many risks to make decent times and at the end I make mistakes that make everything worse, if possible...

    In F1 2011 I drove a season with Mercedes and I won the championship with quite solvency, but now...

    The most disturbing thing is that my team mate, Nico Rosberg, is one of the best drivers of the championship. He is always at the top.

    So finally, what is the reason of this problems? The car? Or just me? I don't know... If the problem is the car, Nico must be in my times, or not?

    And if the problem is me, why with other cars and other games I have no problems of performance?

    Please, I need your opinions about this issue and if it's possible, some help.

    Thanks in advance for your answers!!;)
  2. Could be that you and the car just don't fit, and Mercedes was found to be rather slow be those that tested each car. Did you make any mods?
  3. I have made some mods, but some seasons ago so it must not be the reason. In any case I'm trying to continue with the original database to see what happen...

    But if Mercedes is rather slow, why my team mate is so fast??

    Thanks for your answers!;)
  4. Hard to say. I drove the Mercedes. I won, but was nowhere near as good as previous years. Where are your problems? Speed in the straights or just a lack of downforce in the corners, or everything?
  5. I think speed is good, more or less... Perhaps acceleration and downforce not so well. When I make laps I feel relatively well with the car but the final times are bad.
    Yesterday in Monza I qualify in the 13th position. It was impossible to me to make a decent lap.

    In my opinion, the car has a lack of performance in general. In any case I'm going to fight until the end but I am aware that this is a very difficult challenge.
  6. Just for curiosity;
    What difficulty level are you playing in?
  7. Legend. In every season I have played. Why?