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My Work Around for the Infamous Tyre Bug

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Chris, May 30, 2012.

  1. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Okay guys, so for those of you who are still playing this game, would no doubt have been acquainted with the tyre bug, in which you select a set of tyres, go out, do a run, come back in, select another set of tyres and the degradation has been transferred onto the first set, regardless of which set you chose.

    Im just making this to show you how i get around this bastard without using the "Flying Lap" option.

    The bug works in a numerical degradation way, which means that no matter what set of tyres you choose, its going to put the degradation onto the first set of fresh (or best quality, if you've used all your tyres).
    So for example, in P1, if i choose to go out for my first run, and i choose the set #2 of hard tyres, the wear is going to go on the first set.

    My strategy
    Practice 1: Only use the first set of hard tyres, do about 10-20 laps, then come in. If you want, you can use a set of options, but ideally you want to save them for P2. Also if you want you can Drive out on the second set of Primes, as this wont trigger the tyre bug because you're first set are already worn, but again, you'll ideally want to save this set for P2 as well. I tend to just skip P1 after ive done my 10-20 just to get used to the track again. But if you come in and then want to go back out onto the same set then you'll ovbiously have to use the 'Flying lap' option, lol cant work around that.
    Very important! : Do NOT skip/retire to the next session/paddock without selecting a different compound! If you skip to the next session, or retire to paddock, on the First set of primes in P1, then the degradation from the first set will be transferred onto the second set for P2. Once you've done your running in P1, just select the #1 set of options or the #2 set of primes, dont leave the #1 set of primes selected.

    Practice 2: Practice two is easy, because you only have 1 set of tyres from either hard or soft to choose from, so the tyre bug doesn't affect primes or options in this session. But, if the session is rainy and you need to use wets/inters to get any running in, then just use the same strategy for P1, because you have multiple sets available for the whole weekend, rather than allocated sets for that particular session

    Practice 3: For this session I use the same method as P1, but you have 4 sets of primes and 4 sets of options available, Obviously you only want to use the first set of primes available because selecting any other set wouldnt matter because the degradation is going to be transferred onto the first/best available set, regardless of what you choose, the same goes for the options.

    Qualifying: For Qualy, i use only the first available sets of primes and options, if i dont need to use the option in Q1 to get through to Q2 then I'll just use the first set of primes.
    For Q2, ill do the same, only with the options as I tend to need them if i want to make it into Q3.
    So for Q3 you'll have either 2 sets of fresh primes, and 1 or 2 sets of fresh options, depending on how many sets you used to get into Q3. For me, as I'm racing for Torro Rosso, i usually only have 1 set of fresh options for Q3, assuming i even make it that far, hehe.

    Race: In the race, the tyre bug doesn't matter so much, because when you choose the set of tyres you want to have fitted onto your car, the game is going to choose the freshest set available, which is what you want.

    Hope it helps guys, because i know there are some people who dont know how the tyre bug works fully and have stopped playing the game because of it. But with my method, i havent had to use the Flying Lap option for quite some time, and the game is again enjoyable.

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  2. Nice info mate, very useful :)

    However, the race information is slightly incorrect. It does matter, because if you have, say 3 totally new sets of each compound, and use up 2 sets of the same compound in a row, if you pit again for the 3rd consecutive time, you get a worn set, even though you still had one new set left.
  3. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Thanks for the extensive post, added to the "useful posts" sticky thread.
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  4. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Ohh, okay, thanks for adding that, sorry i havent ever pitted for 3 consecutive sets of the same tyres. I usually 2 or 3 stop with varying compounds.
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  5. It's all good, as long as it helps to update your thread :) It's a VERY useful thread. You can read all about THE TYRE BUG on the Codemasters forums... I do not do that either btw! I just do Option-Prime-Option-Option usually, and then another Prime if required.
  6. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Indeed, pitting for primes 3 times in a row destroyed some races for me until I read about the bug. :)
  7. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    I usually try to pit as little as often, like Sauber ahaha.
    I don't usually use the generic race strategy of option - prime - prime.
    I usually optimize it, because I've finally been able to manage my tyres and make them last a little longer without losing too much lap time.
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  8. Good :) I only use primes once a race because I have to. Softs are really manageable in this game.
  9. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    The three sets in a row was fixed on the last patch wasn't it? Thought it was just a problem in 1.1

    Also the information you have listed above (the workaround) was eventually stumbled upon by me and tested by Cheba along with a ton of other ppl over at Codemasters confirming when it happens and if it was the same everywhere.


    Im sure a fair few ppl will remember.

    We even used to have it stickied but that was on the old forum design maybe?
  10. Hi al!
    i've got the same problem even if i have installed all the patches!
    thx for your post Tophercheese!