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My Win10 upgrade NIGHTMARE

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by M D Gourley, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. M D Gourley

    M D Gourley

    Hello everyone,
    I thought I would take advantage of the Win 10 upgrade for free and started months ago to slowly ugrade Home and Business based PC's to Win10. Starting with non-essential PC's then progressing to Business PC's and if all goes well my be-loved Sim Rig PC...just in case things go horribly wrong with the other PC's.
    The Home and Business PC's went smoothly over the last 6 months and have been working with no problems so far...now onto my Sim Rig PC.
    My Sim Rig PC started to upgrade but stopped because there were some incompatible software that prevented Win 10 to install...so I deleted said software hoping that it would have another go at upgrading...but no, the W10 upgrade would go no further. I contacted Microsoft through their CHAT on line feature and was sent a link with another upgrade activation (I think is was)...this worked and the upgrade from Win 7 on my Sim Rig to Win 10 was on again.
    Everything went ok and I got to the new Win 10 Desktop but all the Desktop files and Folders were gone...(this did not happen on other PC's)...but oh well, it was nothing to important. I installed the nVidia graphics card driver update for Win 10 so I could get my Triple Screen set up back and proceeded to login into Steam to see if all my Sims were still there...had to activate Steam again as they said we see you are logging in from another computer etc...once in, clicked on a Sim to play and the 'INSTALL' was shown...none of my Sims were installed...ok, I thought...time to install my most used Sims only, just selected the ones I wanted and let it download while I re-installed my T300RS and TH8 RS Shifter software.
    ...10 Hours went buy (I do not have fast internet)...and a couple of Sims were able to be played...started up Raceroom, remapped my wheel etc...and this is where it all went down hill...LOL

    Raceroom was flickering between every menu screen, mouse was not working instantly and had to click a number of times to move forward...finally got to a Race...started on Grid...shift into first...nothing, no revving from throttle...quit..went to Advanced Control Options and all pedals show movement...that's odd, maybe it has not fully downloaded yet, or downloading the other Sims at time of playing is conflicting somehow. I Quit Raceroom to the Desktop and when the Desktop came up the Monitors started to flicker, the Taskbar started to disappear and reappear at different places around my triple screen setup... what's going on, I thought, knowing that this is happening as well as my T300RS not working properly, I decided to do a fresh install from a USB Drive
    Downloaded the Win10 file and placed onto the USB Drive...so far 1 day of wasted time has passed to this point...grrr...lol...put the USB Drive in a USB 2 port on the motherboard IO and turned the PC on...I was guided through the USB Drive Win10 set up and after awhile the Desktop was shown when all was installed...yey...a nice fresh install...but now to re-install everything again, graphics card driver, wheel and shifters, Steam software and games...but this time I will not play any Sims until everything is installed...25 HOURS OVER 2 DAYS PASTED (3 days total from starting to upgrade)...grrr...is it going to work, fired up Raceroom and other Sims and re-mapped my controllers...YIPPY...LOL...all working ok...well...until I plugged in another harddrive that was used as a caching disk using Asus SSD Caching on my P8z77-V-Deluxe mobo, between mech HD and small SSD which worked brilliantly on Win7. Googled it and apparently the 'Marvell 91xx Controller' on the P8z77-V-Deluxe mobo does not work...@$#%^&...so no Raid or SSD Caching...*&^%$#...LOL.
    But wait, what if I use the SSD I have installed, as I have trimmed all the Sim software in Steam down to only the games I want now...I looked at how much space everything is taking up on my mech HD...YIPPY...it will fit. I then downloaded the SSD Data Migration Software, formatted the SSD and proceeded to transfer my fresh install of Win 10 and Steam Sims over to the SSD...wait...what...can not proceed because not enough space, the properties of the SSD said there was....&^%$#...transfer was aborted.
    At this stage as I installed software I thought I would do a Restart just to make sure all is well...restart...black screen came up with...'Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key'...what the #$%^@ now...grrrr...LOL.
    Jumped on GOOGLE again and found some info about the 'UEFI and Windows Boot Manager' that could work by plugging in my original USB Drive with Win 10 and going through a 'Start up Repair' option...this however...DID NOT WORK....more %^#@^...and so far 3.5 DAYS HAVE PASSED....ahhhhh....so at this point I was not able to boot to the Desktop and because my lack of knowledge, not being a tech person...I decided to quit...Windows 10 free upgrade has beaten me this time...'sigh'
    What now, I cannot play any Sims on my PC Rig at all...well, I just got out my fully Cloned Back Up Harddrive of Win 7 with everything on it. attached the power and Sata cable, turned on the PC, went into the BIOS to make sure it was the correct BOOT priority...AND IT STARTED going straight to the Desktop as if nothing went horribly wrong over the last 3.5 days...even the 'Marvell 91xx Controller worked so I could set up the SSD Caching again...LOL.

    Morale of the Story...'If it ain't Broke don't fix it'....well, unless you have the knowledge to fix it.

    Thanks for viewing this small rant from an old guy.
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  2. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Oh man what a PITA!!!

    Anyone else here having issues with Win 10?. When i bought my ASUS ROG G30 it was preinstalled with 8.1 and i have my sims running just fine. I've read of people having issues with 10 on other forums so i'm pretty hesitant to update.
  3. M D Gourley

    M D Gourley

    I think before you upgrade ...check to see if your Motherboard is compatible, do some research first... as I was only lucky because I had a cloned separate hard drive with all my old Win 7, programes, games etc as a back up to fall back on, otherwise I would have been screwed.
    Thanks for taking the time to reply
  4. fortyfivekev


    Sorry to read about your story. I had a similar adventure upgrading from Win7 but mainly because I dual boot Linux so had a lot of issues getting the install to start at all and then boot issues afterwards. Not the problems most people will have I guess.

    Finding Win10 to be a fair bit less stable than Win7. I seem to get quite a few crashes either when at the Windows desktop or when running older games (still play some Borderlands 2 and that crashes regularly). The sims I play (AC/AMS/ETS2/ATS) actually seem to be pretty reliable so far, touch wood.

    Main reason I upgraded during the free period was the promise of some big Microsoft games coming to Win10/DX12 in the future. Would love the play future Halos and Forzas on the PC so hopefully that will happen.
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  5. M D Gourley

    M D Gourley

    Thanks for showing some interest fortyfivekev....yes, as you mentioned about the Microsoft games, it was especially Forza for me personally....but unfortunately my mobo is not fully supported yet so my upgrade to Win 10 will have to wait....unless I spend money and upgrade my PC mobo, then I would have to get a new CPU...then RAM...lol.
    ...though my 2 other PC's and 1 Laptop for my Business upgraded without any problems...:confused::confused: