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My Track

Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by KS95, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. KS95

    RACER Moderator


    I'm making a track, and I need some help. I'm following the blender tutorial but I've got a problem.

    "1. After opening Tracked click on 'Select track' button and enter tut-track, click ok and the screen is all blue. Select splines (F5) and then click 'Import dof' button and enter road.dof. you should now see a bunch of green dots on a blue sky."

    Done that, don't see any green dots like in the picture and can't do any of the following instructions. :confused:

    Thanks for your help. :)

    Edit: Good news, I somehow fixed it.. not a clue how, but now it's working! :)
  2. You can find the green dots in tracked better if the sky is black, set it in special.ini file.

    When splining the track do not go past s/f at the end or you will get a vicious bump at s/f.
  3. Cool KS, somehow the 0.8.32 Tracked seems to have some problems with splines, I've used the 0.8.14 to get a working result.

    Good luck, you're gonna need it !

    P.S.: I hope Ruud & Co will fix Tracked, lots of crashes & things could be 100% better.

    Was thinking, they could get some help from BTB (Bob Track builder) owner, since his editor is one of the most amazing app I've ever seen. In counterpart, Ruud/Mitch could integrate a 'exclusive' BTB logo in Racer, so everyone would know, that tracks are build in a professional manner ! Same goes for shaders, where Nvidia could do the same, building up "quickly" new shaders, & Ruud would have a unique logo from Nvidia in Racer....That sort of deal could give Ruud/Mitch more time to concentrate on physics & dynamics which imo we really need !

    Hope they hear me !
  4. I have only one problem with 0.8.32 tracked, as I posted previously. All the rest of tracked works quite nicely, thank you.

    I tried BTB once and found it sadly lacking, one of the first versions. Perhaps the newer version is better but I still prefer to make tracks with Blender.