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My thoughts of career mode and how to improve it

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by jdrawmer, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. OK, so I thought i'd post mainly, what I would do to improve the career mode and see if people agree with my suggestions!

    • Endless career
      • Drivers come and go - skill levels improve with age until a peak, where they begin to diminish
      • Teams change their drivers over the years
      • You as an individual come and go, but can start again at that same point in time
      • Teams come and go (perhaps leaving the main teams always there
      • Each season your car isn't necessarily the same. How good your car is could be (partly) dependent on how you perform in pre-season testing, or how much budget your team has (which could be partly based on position in constructors).
    • Changable Seasons
      • Throughout the years, different rules are introduced or left out of a season (re-fueling, DRS, Kers, Turbo etc)
      • Teams select which engines and tyres they will use, perhaps every season or perhaps with a contract. These should effect the performance of a team - especially tyres which should have different benefits in different conditions.
      • Circuits can be removed and added to the calendar (which means the game actually has a pool of tracks, perhaps 5 more). Calendar could change around every season too, within reason (asian season, european season etc).
    • Pre-Season and Mid-Season Testing (again, could be allowed some seasons and not others)
      • More involvement in testing - could be where you have to visit your team's test centre to drive round speed circuits, handling circuits to try out different upgrades, with your involvement in what feels good / bad on the car - test worn tyres, good tyres, extreme conditions and more.
    • Other options
      • Ability to be a test driver for a team
      • Ability to perform tasks for teams to show how impressive you are or to achieve a status within the team
      • Perhaps could be tied in with starting unemployed.
    Sorry if the post is a bit messy. I'm starting to fantasise about these ideas now!!!

    Let me know what you guys think! Most of the things i've taken from an F1 Management game I used to play back in the day, and it made it fascinating!!!
  2. I think many people would be happy with a fraction of what you have proposed. Many people would be happy if we could change the drivers in the teams from year to year (I guess the PC version can, but it requires database changes that are not trivial). Unfortunately CM and F1 seem to have this licensing agreement that does not allow any changes. What you see in the real world of 2010 is what you get in F1 2010 and likewise what you see in the real world of 2011 is what you will get in F1 2011. I would love to be able to drive at Hockenheim if I buy the F1 2011 game, but since the 2011 German GP is at the Nurburgring, no Hockenheim for me. Also since Bahrain was taken off the 2011 calendar, it looks like Bahrain is out in F1 2011.

    As much as I would love to blame CM for all of this, I suspect the people to blame are Ecclestone and his lawyers who drafted this license agreement between F1 and CM.
  3. Yeah, I appreciate that is why nothing like this would ever happen.

    I think i'd rather see fake drivers and no team branding, like the game I sent a link to, if we could have updates like these - and the ability to rename people. As much as I love the game, I just know that I will be left disappointed at the end of a 7 year career.