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My selfmade steering wheel on shapeways.com

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Erik Hafner, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Hi guys :)
    I just ordered my new wheel on shapeways to test the quality of there products. As soon as i get it, ill make some more pics and show you the result :)

    cm: 29.986 w x 4.1 d x 20.484 h
    Mounting holes: 70mm

    Here is a render of what i hopefully will get:


    what do u think?

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  2. Dave Begley

    Dave Begley

    That looks great. Let us know what its like when you get it. And how much it cost.
  3. the cost is 288€ incl shipping to italy (9€) for the black version.
    The white material is 233€.
  4. Not bad at all. What material do they use?
    I use plexiglass for the custom wheels i make.
    For just the basic like in the picture, it is 150.00 plus shipping, and i can paint the grips, or wrap them in suede or alcatara at an up charge, but all my wheels are up to the customer, i just make 'em :) And I also form the grips for comfort and fitting of the hands, especially around the thumbs and back finger areas.
    Here is a pic of one of my Open top basic wheels, have done GT, nascar, and F1 from one piece styles to 3 piece MGP W01 styles and Aussie V8 wheels..

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  5. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels

    Looks really good, but a real racing steeringwheel from Momo or OMP costs 170,- to 180,- in europe. Only need to dril the holes at the right spot.
    So not even a adapter is needed.
    The grips are than already alcantara covered, so no sweaty hands.
    As i guess having a fully plastic wheel will get sweaty.
    Still really like the designs you did, but don't know if it's worthwhile.
  6. Thank you for the compliments :) I also understand what your saying about the standard MOMO, but i can put what ever pattern is needed. Everyone has their tastes, that is why all the different options for wheel mfg's and style/types. Some like to have a display on the wheel, some do not.
    As for the sweaty hands, whether painted or clear, your hands do not slip on the wheel, and have had lots of folks say they were really surprised at how comfortable they are. And with alcantara or suede, it will get wear from the sweat if not wearing gloves to help keep it clean and dry.
    And like the OP is doing with the 4 buttons, can put them in different spots so a plate is not needed.
    That is a good looking wheel, and nice having the buttons on it like that.

    am waiting to see how it comes out with the material he uses, and how he likes it.

    I would also like to pass on that not trying to take anything away form the OP, he has found something that may work great for some folks and hope it does. Was just showing an option I have for folks. I really like what he did by putting his initials in the back :) And a thought, if you made it so that it could fit on a g25 and just had the two buttons, could re- attach the wires to the new buttons, same with a g27, except use 6 buttons, could be a nice option instead of the awful feeling ( in my opinion) wheels they come stock with.
  7. Wheel made by Simracnwheels:

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  8. I know the wheels from simracnwheels and i realy like it, and was often thinking of getting one of them. The reason i make it on shapeways is that it will be the only the only copy of it, and because it was a gift from my friends for my birthday. So no thinking about the price at all. For sure it is very expensive, but its something u design and make like u want it.
    They say it will be shipped on september 5th. As soon as i get it, the will attach the buttons and make some more pics.

    For the material they us: http://www.shapeways.com/materials/strong-flexible
    If wanted, i can make a full review of it :)
  9. I really hope that it will be strong enough. I have used the same material for a thin part, but it sure is flimsy. Since you have round shapes in there, and it's a bigger part, I'm very curious how strong and sturdy it will be.
  10. This is my cockpit atm, so it will be just an update. Ill get 2 quickreleases so one 350mm wheel and one 300mm for open wheeler and endurence. (i know the bezels and the mounting of the screens are wrong, ill fix it on november after i move to my new home ;) )

  11. Very cool birthday present! And a Happy Birthday :) Reading up on the material, it does look like it is thick enough to not be very flexible. One thing you may want to consider since it is not waterproof, is to see if you can clearcoat it. That way you can seal it to keep sweat and dirt over time from discoloring the surface.
    Am very interested to hear your thoughts on it once you receive the wheel. Having a unique wheel adds to it :)

    Nice setup!! Not sure where you are going to get the quick releases from, but if you get from ebay, make sure that the bottom and top 70mm holes line up correctly, i was having problems with the MOMO, and other cheaper ones not lining up, which would put the wheel indexed to one side or the other.
    I started using NRG 2.0 QR's and am very happy with the quality and color choices. If you are in the UK, there are some group N for a reasonable price as well, http://www.ebay.com/itm/GROUP-N-SNA...arts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item4ab982133f

    hope the info can help someone.
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  12. Wow thats a bargain!!!
    If they have formula style ones, thats definately going on my wishlist!
  13. Nice quickrelease indeed :) One question. I have a flat g27 steering wheel adapter so im wondering if the adapter fits? cause as i see in the picture, the mounting holes are a bit higher? :O_o:
  14. not sure what you mean by a bit higher mounting holes. If you mean the distance from the bottom bolt holes to the actual base, if you look in the for sale/swap thread, on the 2nd to last page, i have a picture of how i have a N mounted to a g25. am using the 3 hole pattern under the stock paddles with the paddles removed and longer 5mm bolts to hold it on.
    am including a pic of the NRG 2.0 one I also use. the hole in the center is .900 (22.86mm) so 15 pin connectors should work. NRG Blk.jpg
  15. Ah ok i see. I mean the gap of a few mm when the adapter is mounted. but i think it will not be a problem. Thx for the help :)

    "This material is not watertight, is dishwasher safe, not recyclable, and not foodsafe."
    Please help me out with my english... :S watertight isnt realy the same as waterproof right? i mean, how can it be a problem for sweaty hands if it is dishwasher safe?
  16. it will probably get slippery fast, but who knows some sandpaper might solve that :)
  17. watertight usually means that with two mating parts, water will not pass between them, or that water may slowly go thru the material. dishwasher safe means it will not melt in a dishwasher with the hot water and drying or change shape.
    It may have very small 'pores' or holes especially by the small steps it talks about in the production process. they may be so small you can not see them without using a magnifying glass or microscope.
    i know plexiglass does not get slippery when wet, at least with my wheels, with water on the grips when i wash them my hands will squeak or chatter when i grip it and twist my hands.
  18. Mohamedou Ari

    Mohamedou Ari
    F1 Sim Racer & #1 St. Bernard Lover on RD Premium

    Damn! You guys are skilled in modifying your sim wares. :confused:
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  19. [​IMG]
    So i got it today :p here is a teaser, ill post a full review as i get the quickreleases and attach the buttons. until now i can say that it is realy stiff and will work realy great :)
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  20. Good deal! looking forward to the review on it.