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My savegames are corrupted for the third time...

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Skiny13, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    First, I play on PC, with an original version of the game.
    This is the third time my savegame fail. When the game starts, and loads the savegames, it crashes. I can't do anything, I have to delete my savegame and do it all over again...

    Where does it come from? Does anyone have the same issue?
  2. Your saved games get corrupted if you finish qualifying but do not complete the race before exiting the game. To get round it simply make sure you have the time to complete the race before starting qualifying(not always possible I know).
  3. Sheesh yes there is something you can do. You can go to the 'Corrupt Save Game Fix' thread and read it and follow the solution, rather than posting another new thread!

    Here is the link - http://www.racedepartment.com/showthread.php?t=65414&page=6&p=938798#post938798

    Basically, when this happens, start the game with the KEYBOARD (not controller), it will start. Then, setup you wheel ingame, save the game, exit the game. Launch the game and start is using the WHEEL this time, go in and start racing.

    You will have lost minimal data from the last session that corrupted your save game, but you wont lose everything.

    Not correct. Its not the only cause.
  4. Using the keyboard enter key is the best way but I've also noticed that if you suspect the corrupt save game bug coming... such as when the game just crashed or if you just want to make sure the save game bug doesn't occur... such as just finishing a long race, entering the game with enter key will ensure that it wont happen. It seems like the crash itself is what's losing the last career session and entering with keyboard before that happens prevents that.
  5. i have same issue...
    i don't know what is the main problem..

    reinstall? - ...
    save file? - all backup, delete file one by one for find a corrupt save file, and backup again
    GFWL? - reinstall another version, create another account and using local account..
    dx?VGAdriver? - using another driver version? dx11->dx9?
    save manually?

    finally.. use ghost, and backup hard disk, when i first setting the computers.. and install f1 2011.

    all i tried.. ..all of it!
    but NOT WORKING! crash again!! same problem,same time at the after checking storage massage..

    p.s i only use keyboard.
  6. Then you're problem is something else, not save game bug.
  7. i have the same damn problem!!!!!!!

    why did they make this way.,...?? it's my damn problem if i dont wanna let's say tune up my car, riving the RD or something like that!!! U can expect that i delete my second season and 28/29th level and start all over again!!??

    this damn thing is 'aint fair!!!!!!
  8. You don't have to start over...
  9. I do bro...

    i've tried feaw options, that i read here, but nothing helped...