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My random skins

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by ea_silver_ghia, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. Hi all. I've recently made a fair few skins so I decided to put them all in one place for anyone to download them if they want them. A number of 2012 skins I did are now obsolete as Doug finished and released the full 2012 season, so I won't include those ones, but this should make it easy for everyone.

    2014 Marcos Ambrose Sydney wildcard - updated
    Since I first released this, I made a change to the rear Crimsafe logo as I wasn't happy with it before. Other than that, it's pretty much the same.

    2012 FPR COTF test car
    This is the same one I uploaded on rFactorcentral a couple of years ago, so if you downloaded it from there, don't worry about getting this one

    2012 HRT COTF test car - updated
    Unlike the FPR one, this one has been updated since I uploaded it to rFactorcentral. The stripes were all quite pixellated so I've completely redone them.

    2004 David Thexton
    An old one I did, I made a recent minor update

    2004 Team Dynamik - Sandown
    This is to go with the 2004 skinpack

    2013 DJR
    This is something I've put a lot of time into in recent months, trying to cover all their liveries for the season, and trying to make them as accurate as I possibly could

    2014 DJR
    I also covered the entire range of 2014 DJR liveries, again focusing on making them as accurate as I could. I'm aware that the Bathurst retro design didn't run the red wheels during the race, but they appeared at least once during the weekend, so that was good enough reason for me to keep them.

    2009 Jesus Racing - Bathurst wildcard
    By request, this car raced at both Phillip Island and Bathurst. This is the Bathurst version that ended up in the wall.

    2009 Matthew White Motorsport - Bathurst wildcard
    By request, this is the 2nd of 3 2009 Bathurst wildcard entries. While it does look a hell of a lot like Jason Bright's car, this car was never raced by Britek Motorsport. In 2009 Bright was running an SBR built Falcon (he started with a BF before upgrading to the FG). This on the other hand was an FPR built BF, Mark Winterbottom's 2008 car. A few minor logos may be incorrect or missing but I did the best I could with a lack of decent resolution photos

    2009 Greg Murphy Racing - Bathurst wildcard
    The last of the 2009 Bathurst wildcards is the Greg Murphy Racing Commodore driven by Sam Walter and Taz Douglas. In the Saturday morning warmup, it hit the wall hard at Griffin's Bend but it made it into the race, even though it didn't finish either. I've tried again to make this as accurate as possible but a lack of hi-res photos means it might not be 100% accurate

    2012 Official FG Falcon COTF Prototype
    This is one of the first new-spec V8 Supercars that was unveiled late in the 2012 season. The paintscheme of this and it's Holden rival (which is on the way but still needs quite a bit of work) have certainly been challenging. I ended up shelving this project several times but decided I've got to finish what I started.
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  2. Big big thanks for such passion and dedication to make such lovely specific-rounds skins, mate! Loving all these so much. Huge thumbs up for your kind sharing! Look forward to more great work, if there is any. :inlove::thumbsup::laugh:;)
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  3. Agreed. These look damn good.
  4. Cheers guys. Yep, there's more coming. I can't guarantee they'll be getting released particularly quickly, but there are a few in progress.
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  5. Was watching 2015 Bathurst race, had my eyes sparkling shiny with those special liveries. It would be great to see the Sandown-Bathurst-Gold Coast skins. Pretty please if you could make them, ea_silver_ghia mate? :D:laugh::thumbsup::)

    Big thanks to your great effort! ;)
  6. I will add them to the list, but they'll be a while. I've got a number of skins I want to do first, including a couple of other requests. Cheers, Dezza
  7. No worries. Take your time, mate! Cheers. :)
  8. what are some of the request cars out of curiousity ea_silver_ghia. I really like your work, looks very good as well as other people here, if you, Mick and Doug started a livery thing it would produce some good work
  9. The other 2 2009 wildcards. One is coming along pretty well. I also got back into a couple of skins I shelved about a year or 2 ago, the official V8 Supercar COTF prototypes, which are certainly some of the most complicated designs I've ever worked on! I've made some fair progress on them, so even though there's still a lot of work to do, it's not going too badly now.
  10. [​IMG]
    These? :D:laugh::thumbsup:

    Anyway, would love to see the 2015 DJR Team Penske #17 car every round livery. Hehe :rolleyes::p:cool:

    Like mceci1 said, if indeed Doug, Mick and Dezza team up that would be great to realise the round-by-round or special liveries of the series.

    There might be low download counts, but there are still passionate enthusiast people out there. Thanks on behalf from everyone out there to all of you! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  11. Yeah. Those ones but i won't do the Nissan on the orsm template. I'm not a fan of trying to make a VE look like a Nissan. In fact with the 2015 cars, I'd prefer to do them on the rsm templates too. The only reason i did the 13-14 DJR cars is that they are FGs so despite the different wheels, they still look pretty close to the real thing
  12. Good to hear that. Look forward to seeing them soon. :thumbsup:
  13. I am not tying to be insulting so appologies is that's how it looks but does the Jesus car have its own car, because when I put it in it doesn't show up I had to put it in inta racing for it to show
  14. Hmm. It should appear as a separate car in the 2009 season. I run my own customised folder layout for all the cars in V8Factor, so when I release them, I try to put it back to the default setup. I might have got something wrong in the VEH file. I'll have to have a look
  15. I've found the problem. It's in the VEH file. This line:

    Replace it with this instead:

    Missing words '09_' :laugh::laugh::laugh:
  16. Awesome. Thanks for that. I've fixed it up and updated the archive
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  17. what will the wild cards be you are yet to do
  18. Will the thexton skin be converted to V8FU?
  19. It already is. This version is designed to work with the existing 2004 season for Unleashed that can be found here.
    It has been updated with the later shaders, window files etc. of the latest mod.
  20. alexSchmurtz

    SpeedyMite Racing Staff Premium

    Thank you for sharing your skins. Those are outstanding jobs! I really appreciate having so many accurate paints for so many seasons. :thumbsup:
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