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My racing affects my tyres!

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Petr Kantor, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Hello, I am mostly interested in full racing and dont care much about the hotlap craziness. After few weeks and few dozens of hours of racing I am finally getting the grip of a car and know some circuits to be able to be competitive against ppl and cpu too. I am driving on the default setups and I found out that my tires are very affected by my driving style (or lack of thereof). I was tinkering with some pressure and other tire affecting settings, but to no good results so far. What I found out does good to my tyre condition is setting the brake pressure to lower levels (talking 85-90)according to the circuit) with ballance about front 58-42 rear. I was however wondering, after these online races, if there is a way to find out the status of your tyres after the race to know if I was bad on the tyres during the race or not enough. I can tell that lowering this brake pressure helped me to improve braking while reducing tyre lockups heavily, but my brake line has gone longer, for which I adjusted my driving too.. I know it would be better top have pressure 100 but I am so far unable to brake that precise so this is my acceptable compromise now. I recall, that in Grand Prix 4 there were some utilities that recorded all your race and then you were able to extract all the telemetry data from it to view. Is there something like that for race 07?

    Thanks for ANY tips regarding setups that apply to my paragraph.

    I am even willing to get a student status under anybody experienced of you to try and learn from you as you see fit teaching me. Teamspeak has been succesfully tested yesteraday so I am voicechat capable too.
  2. The best indicator for tyres how much they will wear out is their temperature, which you can read out also at the end fo the race when you go to car setup menu. You should aim for around 10 C difference between inner and outer edge, inner being higher of course, this you can mainly influence with the Camber setting.

    the middle should be right inbetween the middle, which you can influence with tyre pressure.

    About brake pressure and balance, they are affecting only that much the tyre wear, as much you start to slide the car or locking the wheels, other then this no any correlation, so find a setting where you do not do these things. :) I use usually 95% brake pressure.

    Cheers: Atti
  3. What would be the desired temperature inside and outside then? Talking about wttc2007 class?

    (i recall once I really tried to do things properly, so I take the default setup, done couple of laps with stable times and performance, checked the tyre temp and middle was way higher than the rest. So I lowered the pressure, raced couple of laps and the middle temp was still highest of them all. So i lowered a couple of more times and ended on the lowest possible pressure of 160 HPa and still, the middle temp was the highest and I could not prevent it. ALso, my car was so bad to drive that I knew this is not the right way. Ihad to check my camber too to get insides lower than outsides too! not a good impression this default setup gave me...)
  4. You cant really influence the overall temperature, just in-relative to inside-outside and middle, what i wrote above.
  5. In setup guide for noobs for GTR2 says that adjusting camber separately can achieve same temperature on all four tyres regardless track profile. And then adjusting it all up and down you can achieve overall higher or lower temperatures. So that is why my question. is 80°C ok? Is it 90°C? or 100°C? in gtr they say 100 is perfect grip and then it goes down significantly (afai remember)
  6. Well, i am quite surprised about that, since camber is the adjustment how much the wheel is leaning towards each other, if you look at them from the front or rear of the car, negative the value is when the tops are closer to each other. So, it simply cant effect the tyre overall temperature, just how big the difference is between inner and outer edge.... and yes, this you can adjust separately for all 4 tyres, if you choose independent setup setting, not simmetrical.

    Well, try it out in the game, i am quite sure by adjusting them from minimum til max, you will se only difference in relative temps, not overall tyre temp.
  7. to achieve the best from the tire, the tire must have temperature between 80 and 100 degrees
    and no not every time is 100 degrees the perfect temp
    the perfect temperature (for tire grip) is (as i said) between 80 and 100 degrees (and with a difference of 10 degrees between inner and outer side of the tire.
    example if you're left front tire reaches a temperature of 85 outer, 90 middle and 95 inner...then that tire is at the moment around the perfect temperature to achieve the best grip
    going above 100 makes you get more tire wear (example if the same left side tire is 93 outer, 98 middle and 103 inner, than you will get a lot more tire wear than the temp before.....and yes just because the inner tire went above 100 degrees)

    hope you understand

    no setting camber separately only affects more the temperature achievements for each tire
    setting the spring, bump rebounds tire pressure, etc separately can make more difference in corner handling.