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My PC can't run moto14 well

Discussion in 'MotoGP 14' started by Maurover, Jul 15, 2014.

  1. That is ridicolous Milestone has made a huge game on purpose my pc can run battlefield 3 and with this i have 40 45 fps.
    is there a way to reduce texture shadows or effect with a mod or a patch ? or just compress some files so my pc can load it easily
  2. Try running at low graphics , that could work
  3. Mate, me too. Disable High Quality AFX and it will run at 60fps
  4. im already playing with minimum settings
  5. I've deleted movies folder motogp 2013 and legend mix and i'am running the game in windowed mode and is a bit faster
  6. Hello everyone! I wanted to ask if you have solved the performance issues on the PC (I have a laptop and are at the limit of the requirements). I noticed that in career mode makes me more shots in a single grand prize. However, I disabled all the things on the menu to start the game and the game in window mode (not full screen at 60 fps), and so I must be a little better, but you have a solution or is there some files in the folder that you can change? thank you very much
  7. whit the editor we can delete useless files