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My new F1 and GT wheels :)

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Will Marquez, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. Been getting into iRacing lately and on the iRacing forums, I saw someone making a GT wheel and F1 wheel made out of plexiglass. With alot of drivers there saying that it helped enhance there experience with certain cars decided to try it out as it was much cheaper than getting one of the F1 custom wheels that are out currently. Also been looking for awhile to get my SLI PRO mounted and use my buttons, encoder and rotary switches too. Just got them all in yesterday and I must say it makes open wheelers and GT cars that much more immerse imo. Absolutely thrilled with the way they turned out. Pictures are from my phone so they aren't the best quality. Now it's time to start practicing! Can't wait to try these out with FSONE09 and FSR as well. Enjoy! :)






  2. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    Will that didnt disappoint at all. They look fantastic. Congrats m8, it was worth the wait.
  3. Yeah the guy who helped me out, Charlie, was awesome to work with. He made sure I was happy where all the different buttons and switches were going on it. And also kept me up to date throughout the entire process. Couldn't be more happier!! :)
  4. If you dont mind me asking what sort of money did it cost to get him to build you those wheels? They look awesome.
  5. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    That looks fantastic. I would like to have such a F1 wheel
  6. These wheels are made by a fellow iRacer, Charlie Visscher on the iRacing forums as that's how I found out about them. Just asked him about posting his info regarding the wheels and he said it would be ok as he's fairly busy making wheels for the holiday season for other simracers. Also, let me add, that he's a great person to work with. His attention to detail is second to none. We were able to bounce ideas back and forth to get the wheel customized the way that I wanted to. Here's his info along with pictures below. :)


    Are you looking for a custom wheel for your G25 / G27 steering wheel to make your racing easier and more immersive? I have various styles and sizes of custom plexiglass wheels to do just that. The pictures are of standard wheels, but the button placement can be moved around to accommodate your preferences. The number of button, switch and encoder pockets can also be adjusted to your preference. Wheel bodies are painted gloss black with clear grips unless specified otherwise.. All wheel prices are for the wheels alone, it does NOT include any electronics. Electronics are sold seperately, I purchase them from Leo Bodnar and install upon request. I can get less expensive buttons as an option, but are not the quality of Leo's knitter buttons. One other option is 3D Carbon Fiber vinyl overlay. Another is airbrushed designs. The 3D CF and airbrush are at additional costs.
    I can also make the wheels so that they will fit with the chilicoke adapter.

    The standard formula wheels are 10 5/8" wide (270mm), can be increased to 11 1/4" wide (286mm) at no extra charge. At this time the styles are Formula, Redbull type with a display, Redbull type without a display, Williams style, Le Mans style and an open bottom formula style. These wheels can be pocketed for either an sli-m or sli-pro type board.

    GT style wheels are 12 5/8" wide (320mm)

    14" diameter round wheels. (smaller diameter upon request, Pricing upon request)

    Various styles of plates to go behind or on top of a wheel. Two are 3/4" (19.05mm) thick plates, the other is a 1" (25.4mm) pocketed plate for the stock g25 wheel. The wheel sits down inside a cutout with the button, switch and display raised up. The pocketed plates also have a back on them to hide the electonics.

    Average completion time is 3-4 weeks from date of order. If finished sooner, it will be shipped upon receipt of any balance due.

    1. Open top basic wheel = $100.00 US
    2. GT style = $130.00 US
    3. 14" round (oval racing) = $150.00 US
    4. all Formula style = $175.00 US This includes the Redbull type, Williams style, and open bottom style
    5. Redbull w/no display = $150.00 US
    6. SLI-M or Pro plate = $40.00 US
    7. Pocketed plates = $70.00 US
    8. Shipping and Handling = $20.00 US except for the larger 14" wheel, that is $25.00

    International, overnight or express shipments at current rates. International shipping has been averaging $50.00 US, will quote prior to order.

    Parts for the pro board,
    12 knitter buttons, 4 rotary switches, 2 push type rotary encoders, wiring harness and shipping from Leo Bodnar.
    Prices avg about 350.00-360.00 US depending on exchange rate.

    Parts for the M board,
    2 push type rotary encoders, 10 knitter buttons.
    Prices avg about 216.00 US

    Wiring service = $40.00 US
    on/off/on momentary toggle switch = $8.00
    3d Carbon Fiber vinyl = $20.00 US
    Rubberized Grip = $30.00 US Colors available, Black, Red, Yellow, Clear
    Color coded knobs = $4.00 US each plus shipping if bought seperate. color choices are Red, White, Blue, Green and Yellow.

    If you have a design shape you like that is different than what is shown, I will try to work with you to come to an agreeable similarity so as not to copy the original design. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them. My philosophy is that the only stupid question is the one that is not asked.
    Email contact is simracn@gmail.com Paypal payment info upon request and order.

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  7. Oh and if you contact him, tell him Will sent ya! :cool: lol
  8. I have been speaking to him about working with him on a real website in exchange for some products. Hopefully this site will help him get his name out further than iRacing. Awesome products!
  9. Damn, that Red Bull wheel looks sweet... Muchy likey.
  10. Very nice products with good prices. I take it these will work with rfactor? I will be contacting for a quote as i really want one of them all done and ready to use.

    Email now sent, lets see how much it's gonna cost lol.
  11. Just been emailing Charlie about possibly building me an F1 Wheel and all I can say so far is what a nice bloke he is. He will be sending me a cost break down later tonight as I have given him a list of what I want so I'll keep you all updated.

    He did send me a picture of an option for knobs so I thought I would share with you guys:

    Chicken head Knobs, showing design and colours:

    Sorry to jump on your thread Will but I thought this would be quite help full adding to your detailed content about the wheel info and to say that Charlie is very approachable so don't hesitate to email him.

    Thanks for the Information Will.
  12. No worries bondy. Totally forgot about those colored knobs as well. Appreciate you posting them :)

    Here are a few more pics that Charlie sent me. He's added rubber gripping to his wheels now as an option.

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  13. I wonder if you could add alcantara similar to the MOMO wheels over the plexiglass.
  14. I have specified the black grip on mine. Charlie does not hang around, when I was emailing him yesterday he sent over a drawing out of the blue and it was perfect straight away with loads of buttons and knobs lol. We also spoke about the cable option as I dont really want the cable hanging out of the top of the grip, so a curly cable is coming my way :) .He finalised my quote so should be sending money his way today :) hope it doesn't take to long to reach the UK.
  15. He really is a quick respondent-I live in Australia, so the time difference is fun, but otherwise, a real pleasure to work with. I'm getting my Christmas present off him :)
  16. What else could one say about this elegant piece of art?! I´ve been searching for custom F1 wheels through the net,
    these wheels beat all products I found hands down.
    This guy is the BOMB! Can´t wait to finish my race room.Ordered the Playseat F1 from playseat.com,with a couple of
    monitors I should be attacking those corners flat out.
  17. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    Oh those were the days. I miss my 'Dad Room'.
  18. I would be extremely interested in purchasing a wheel through Charlie. He seems like the kind of guy where, if I was every going to spend extra money on a wheel, he'd be so reliable and of course, highly skilled. I have one important question through - do these work with the G25? It looks like the G25 base behind Will's first pick?
  19. Hi Jonathan,

    Yup Charlie is awesome to work with in getting these custom wheels done the way you want to. The pics in the first post are from a G27. He does them for both the G25/G27.

    Last I heard from him he's been extremely busy making wheels during the holiday season. If you are curious about any questions regarding his wheels, feel free to email him. :)
  20. Thanks Will. I can't say I'm surprised to hear how busy he is. I'll get in touch with him. You don't have any last minute advice as to accessories/add ons to get with it now that you've owned one for a while? Definitely leaning towards the Red Bull wheel at the moment. That thing's a work of art! (not that the rest aren't) :D