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My MoTeC log & setting for SR4 252

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by mcwood, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. Hi~ all again (^.,^;;

    This is my MoTeC log file of Rockingham Gp
    and I have attached my car(SR4 252) setting of it.

    I had go around about 50laps(?) and
    got my setting from it. so bad lap times..1'44"8.. OTL

    anyway i have to prefare for sunday's league racing.
    maybe they have around 1'40''( under or over) average QY.
    someone must be under 1'36''......I have no relations with it.
    (not fast that much...)

    This is a my MoTeC log id file and my settings
    I feel very uncomfortable with my default dear seeting and..
    suspention...ride height, ETC wing also

    Please anybody gives me any comments for my settups
    through the my MoTeC log file~
    i can't read this with my idea...it's so difficult.
    please give some tips from it.


    Thank you ahead.
  2. but?? how to upload my files..so sorry
    i have no idea...please tell me the way.
  3. I'm feel so like ...umm
    anyone gives help for it to upload files from my PC?
  4. Hi,

    Korea, that's far... we already have a few full club members from those parts of the world (Macau for instances).

    I think you must be using Google translator or something of the kind. That is why it is a bit hard to understand clearly what you are asking and as such many
    are maybe shy to try to help you.

    From what I understand (I'm sorry if I understand wrong), you are doing "slow" lap times when compared to others with the SR4 at a certain track.
    You have a MoTeC log file of your car on track and want us to view it and help you improving it (the setup).

    Your idea I think is to upload the file and have us look at it like race engineers...

    Regarding uploading the file (or the MoTeC images), since I've not been a non full club member for some time, I'm not sure if you are allowed or not as just a registered forum member. Well, I think at least you should be able to link to a place where the pictures of your MoTeC “papers” are.

    Instead of complicating, let's try an easier (for all) solution...

    Have you checked this fine "classic" post about MoTeC i2pro done by "Spad" at another club? http://www.nogripracing.com/forum/showthread.php?t=32733&highlight=motec

    If not, try to start there, read it fully as it has a few good answers in it...
  5. Thank you. Mr Joao

    maybe, my way of showing something on RD forum..
    is little bit rude or something.

    and also, english experession is not comfort for me.
    because it's not my language, thank you for your understanding.

    So, that would sometimes cause wrong understanding of my meaning.

    OK, I will try some different way of solve this from my side.

    thanks again.

    I'm not using translator something.
    but problem is that, my english is bad......

  6. The translator thing wasn't intended in any way to be depreciative... I was just justifying my lack of full understanding of your post (I'm not a 1st language English speaker too).:shame:

    On top of that I assure you that my complete ignorance of any Korean puts me in a very fragile position to criticize your English. :D

    Hope you get some helpful information regarding answering your Race07/Evo questions, good luck
  7. Thank you and your reply...(^........^)V

    I will be really happy if i get some helps from RD Forum~!!
    and I will follow RD's policy(?)...um like a way of participation on Forum.

    and sorry & appreciate it. (^.,^/peace~
  8. hi :yo:,

    i wanna stress joaos recommendation to spads motec project and besides i am not up for that work i cant just analyse a motec file without having driven the car.

    To cure yourself :doctor:from
    .) - - - - - setuptitis - - - - - (.
    consider a setup cant give you much more than 1sec/min. :eek:

    Better :doh:

    1. download a hotlap in timeattack, switch off the ghost (cause he/she s faster anyway) and follow the raceline and braking points.
    2. After 10-20 laps switch off the raceline and try to beat your best previous laptime.
    3. Then again switch on the raceline and check if you can learn some more details of his/her raceline which improves your laptime again.
    4. After that switch off the raceline and beat your actual best.
    5. Now you can start to fight against his/her just to watch the sector times. :boxing:If you like it you can switch on the ghost, too, but i normally dont cause its too frustrating and misleads to always restart race/lap. It s better to fullfill each and every lap and that s easier for me without any ghost.
    Sorry, if i have told you old stuff :bored:, but maybe this could be useful for someone else.


    The rsr252 can be driven on many tracks with a nearly unique setup which i did upload for zandvoort here at racedepartment in the setup section. :tape2:

    You just have to adjust

    • the gears to the track,
    • the steering ratio as you prefer and
    • check the diff to your driving style - it suits for myself. :highfive:
    Shift at 9700rpm and try to use higher gears when cornering cause you anyway cant go instantly full on throttle and shifting is always a little bit time-consuming. That's why i normally use the 1st gear only at the start and within the race the 2nd is my lowest. The 6th gear can go up to 10000rpm. Dont worry about the tyre temps. The car is light and you only can push up the temps about 3-5 degrees by pushing the car and that s it. :blabla:

    I did manage top1-3 in timeattack for brands hatch, nordschleife and zandvoort with that setup and so i assume it should work at your track as well or at least will give you
    some good ideas for :glasses-nerdy::coffee2:
    your very special :car2::hammer::ranger:
    own setup. :car::clock2::first:

    *´¨ )
    ¸.•´¸.•´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´ (¸.•*´¯`*•> Good luck!

    <Edit:> I thought i ve uploaded my zandvoort setup but is was the nords one. The zandvoort is an upgrade of that one and with that i ve improved my pb on nords, too. So now i ll upload the zandvoort one!
  9. Thanks Zulu...

    I got something from your mention about cornering skill.
    It's new and good knowledge for me to take corner with High speed~

    Thank you.
  10. And..

    I had checked .GDB(?) file on Rockingham GP track.

    So, I have found that it will rain during our League 1hr Race..
    Coz it has possibility of it 50%(0.5)
    and If it Rains it will pour..Hard rain, which is information
    I think, contained in .GDB file of Rockingham...

    If it's right...I realized that I have to prepare Heavy Rain Setting also.
  11. And And....

    You have a really good experience of SR4...it's right!!

    the temps of Tyre~!! it's really something.
    When i try to adjust temps of tyre by air presure(KPA?)

    It's hard to do that, coz there's no clue about adjusting it.

    Actually, I started GTR-E from our season of WTCC
    I had a BMW E90...it's heavy compare to SR4(around 600kg?)

    So, I think that the temps of tyre has something related with weight of car.

    How do you think Zulu?
    I'm used to get Presure of tyre around 160kpa or under it for 1hrs race.
    Of course, it differs, according to Track...but hard to over heat it.